Getting pop ups on this forum

Everytime an ad from shows up on QT3 I get a matching popup. Happening to anyone else?

It would be if Firefox wasn’t blocking them. (I get the popup notification at the top of the screen, and yeah, it’s questionmarket.)

Hmm. I don’t receive any ads or any pop-ups. Could be the combo of NIS and Fx, though. :wink: I wasn’t even aware that there were any ads on Q23 until I looked at the NIS logs. Ah well.

Me too. Firefox blocks them for me. I just hate popups on forums at all. Even if I have software to block them.

When surfirng from work on IE I got the popup also. I posted a screencap of it in the “nothing to see here” thread so chet could take a look at it.

Yeah, sorry. It is removed in their interface so it should not be showing, yet it is. Supposedly it is banned from our network. Yet it is showing. I am talking with them monday morning about this issue of their interface being a steaming pile of shit and how this can’t happen.

I am sorry, but iI want to leave the broken indicator in place without fucking around with it so they can see it. It damn well better be fixed this monday.



I heart Firefox.

I was reading from work again today (IE) and got it again at 1pm Pacific. Don’t know if it’s been fixed since then, I’m at home on Moz now. :)

Yeah, I got it around 3pm too, on IE from work.

Still happening. Just got one at 7:55 AM, on tuesday.

12:45 pm Pacific time, logged in using IE at work (to post in the Paintball thread) and got another one, same banner.


I’m still getting the occasional popup blocked indicator with Firefox.

The valueclick ads have been pulled from the network. Sorry for the problems, freaking inept companies. The popups were coming from the valueclick system, after having been removed from our pool, after having supposedly been blocked at the network level.

Since valueclick supplies the majority of the ads you see in the forums, there will be plenty of repeat ads until this is resolved. What a great time to buy an ad!



What is consider “non-commerical” personal site. What catagory would a fan site fall under?

Commercial = your site only exists to sell a product. So fan sites, news sites, everything else is non-commercial even if you earn money through banners etc.


so, why not just use google ads instead…

Adsense tends to perform poorly on forums, not nearly as well as the valueclick banners do (no despite their name they are not cpc only or even mostly). And we have a good relationship with valueclick, we send them 10s of millions of impressions a month, just a little glitch here that will get worked out. This week there was a big conference in san fran, maybe they forgot to leave someone to mind the store…


New popup ad – looks like it’s from I don’t have a screenshot because Chrome intervened.