Getting ready to POOP again...[Oblivion Mods]

Yes it is.

It’s in SuperSeed mode, right? So you look like just another leecher to other leechers?

There are 15 seeders now, so a moot point.

Just avoid superseed - more trouble than utility overall.

I’ll join in on this when I’m done with the Kubuntu KDE 4.1 remix I just started. Maybe I can get it started on a server with more bandwidth, too, for some speedy seeding later on.

Worked great. BTW you HAVE to install Oblivion outside the Program Files directory in Vista or it will crash. (This is an Oblivion issue, not a POOP issue. Though it is poopy.)

One minor correction in your install doc: The GOTY version includes Shivering Isle and Knights of the Nine, but NOT all the various and sundry other DLCs.

Bleah. Moore mentioned that too. I’m still using my old-fashioned KotN disc and didn’t know, but thought sure I’d been told that the DLC stuff was on there. My bad.

We did put a “Don’t install the game in a Program Files directory” warning for Vista users in the new docs, though.

I just got this installed and I love how this looks. Great job on all your hard work. There is one mod, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it or not, but it’s great for immersion. Alternate start by Robert Evrae.

It starts you out on a ship arriving in either Imperial City docks or in Anvil. Basically same as your tutorial skip, but you don’t have to start in the dungeon at all. So you never were in prison. Solves the story line problem by saying you had a dream about the emporer being assassinated in the sewers and a rat running off with the amulet. You then can go to the sewer, kill the rat and get the amulet.

It also does a few extra things for immersion. It lets you pick a sorts of occupation and based on some answers you give when you fill out your “papers” you will start out with equipment, money, and items per whatever type person you end up being. For instance, you can be a rich snob who comes in with fine clothes and lots of money, a traveling merchant with some wares to sell, a poor beggar, a farmer, a fletcher, and many other options. It’s pretty cool.

That does sound pretty cool. Our hope at Team Poop is that by the time you’re done installing all the mods and utilities we picked, you’ll be conversant enough in the process that you’d be able to download and install any mod that sounds intriguing. That way you can custom-tailor it even further to your play-style and mood.

I had a pleasant afternoon pooping myself. I’m only 2/3’s done (just installed Francesco’s and mulling the player levelling options), but it’s been a lot of fun just seeing how the game changes along the way. I have a test save just outside the sewer exit, with which I’ve been measuring the FPS implications of each major mod, or batch of mods applied. I couldn’t use the full AEVWD distance mod - it had a crushing framerate penalty, but the lesser VWD mod looks almost as good, with a much lesser hit.

Looking forward to finishing up tomorrow.

A few things for those of you wanting to squeeze some frames out of POOPed Oblivion:

If you’re running on-board sound, we can get you some FPS back with a really easy fix. It seems as if Oblivion’s sound models reproduce ever footfall sound in the game as a single sound, rather than a single stitched together sound when something on four legs runs. So, when a horse gallops, instead of getting a repeating “gallop” sound over and over you instead get four individual hoof sounds played in the correct succession. Yikes! That puts an incredible strain on an on-board sound processor and it will thus “offload” that processing to the CPU. You don’t want your CPU giving you accurate gallop noises, you want it for framerate.

[]Quiet Feet MAX should fix that, and for onboard sound users, it’ll get you back a few frames per second.


I’ve seeded 5.5 gigs now but torrents kill my web browsing! No room in the pipe for WWW requests to get out. Just a basic cable modem connection here.

Just so you guys know the quiet feet link is a link to something else, just letting you know trigger. Here’s where you can get it. OMOD version non OMOD version

Speaking of FPS, one thing that I discovered with POOP 1.0 is that some of the graphics mods significantly up the game’s memory requirements. Core Oblivion can run well with 1GB of RAM; POOPed Oblivion wants at least 2GB.

Well yeah.

And a 3d card. And Windows versions above Win95.

Kidding aside, with RAM as cheap as it is, I cannot imagine someone with any sort of even modest gaming rig running 1gb.

I played through Oblivion on the 360 about a year ago but never ventured into the DLC. I grabbed the GotY edition last week out of boredom and caught sight of this whole POOP thing, which is awesome. However, I’m having a hard time figuring out the DLC. If I want the extra DLC to work with POOP should I buy it previous to installing POOP, or can I get it after I POOP without fear of breaking the modded install?

Edit: Also, is it even worth the trouble? While Horse Armor is clearly a valuable commodity, is any of this other stuff worth my pocket change?

at the very least get mehrunes razor, good dungeon.

Install the DLC first.

Is it worth it? KoTN is, I think. The rest is a bad joke.

Mehrune’s Razor is a fun dungeon crawl.

Tim: Get a DD-WRT capable router and adjust priorities on traffic to get smooth web browsing while torrenting. Or do the torrenting+browsing on a Mac/Linux computer.

Well, after pooping myself silly all weekend, I finally finished it all off, and then sat down to play properly aaaaaaaand…it’s a slide show almost anywhere outdoors. Sigh.

I think I’m gonna have to set up that slipstream thing. Failing that, try a POOP rebuild without the VWD stuff. Luckily, I was foresighted enough to take a copy of the Oblivion install folder after installing the game, expansions, DLC and official and unofficial patches - a vanilla install.

Yeah, try variations on the lighting and that other thing. A world of difference in framerate, without a huge loss in quality. I thought the sunrise was pretty enough already, at least.