Getting rid of an infection

What’s the standard operating procedure now for getting rid of a computer infection? I was using MSE using quick scans but my computer all of a sudden would only type the 9 key and I knew I was in trouble. I’m running malwarebytes and currently it has found 141(!) infections. So what should be my next step? Thanks in advance.

Next step would be to determine which are actual infections and not just tracking cookies and other bullshit. Find out what the real nasties are and then I suggest openly weeping.

Are you using MBAM from safe mode? Because you’ll definitely want to be. Then run Combofix.

So, a woman posting a title “Getting rid of an infection” makes me laugh. It’s wrong, but funny.

Hippos advice is solid. Once you know more about what’s on it, post back. Lorini do your kids share the same PC with you or is this their PC? Where I’m going with that question is, is there anything on it you need or can the “reload and be done with it,” be applied here?

ur mom

Thanks for the suggestions. It was mostly adware spam, but I’m going to do what Cosmic Hippo suggested because there were a couple of things I didn’t understand.