Getting rid of static in the house

So we’re having a bit of a static issue. It’s cold outside (a “dry cold,” as most Edmontonians will put it)… and with the cold weather, coupled with a dog who sheds way too much, we seem to be overrun with static electricity. The dog’s hair sticks to absolutely everything (couches, me, carpet) and my clothes tend to stick to me.

I don’t want to Static Guard the whole house – the stuff stinks and I don’t want to spray it all over my stuff – but are there any other ways to rid the place of this constant static charge?

You sir, need a humidifier. I have one built in to my heating system, ever since we got it, the house has ZERO static, and you don’t get electrocuted touching the light switches. Here’s a link to some info on what it will do, and why it does it, SCIENCE!!!

Do NOT overuse a humidifier in your house. Take if from someone who had mold problems. Regulate the use of it, and try to get a model that inhibits mold growth.

That’s the truth, mold can grow on the coils. I installed a UV light that kills mold and junk, that has a side effect of knocking out some of the allergies my Daughter and I have. This is the UV thingy.

Hmm… building something into the furnace/vents isn’t quite an option given that we’re just renting this place… but maybe I should pick up another room humidifier.

Oops, didn’t know you were renting. >.<

You can also make your own anti-static spray using a small amount of liquid fabric softener mixed in a spray bottle of water, and then spray it on high-traffic carpeted areas. Not as good as a humidifier for overall static reduction, but it should help a bit.

  • Alan

I read that if you rub a balloon vigorously on a cat all the static in the house will go away.

Do this, then stick the cat to the dog, then take picures.

Wear socks, build up a static charge on the carpet, call over the dog and offer your hand. Hilarity ensues.