GFCI circuit blowing w/ electric kettle

My house is relatively new construction (2001 I think). My kitchen has a GFCI outlet in it, and this is unfortunately causing problems with my new T-Fal 1.7L electric kettle. My old 1.0L T-Fal worked fine, but the new one trips the breaker every time (immediately, i.e. when you press the heating button).

I can’t figure out if the kettle is the problem or if there’s a potential wiring issue. No one on-line seems to be complaining about this issue, so it may not be a design flaw, but I’m not sure how to narrow down the problem any more. Can I just get a new outlet? Obviously going to a 20A outlet would “solve” the problem but it wouldn’t meet code and, in the event that the kettle IS the problem, I could see some safety issues.

Putting in a new GFCI sshouldn’t be that hard (even for me) if it’s the normal 2 outlet variety, but I’d start by exchanging the kettle first. You said it was still new right?


woops. Low oxygen = horrible typing. readable answer now…

Ironically enough it turns out that the circuit was blowing because, uh, there was water somewhere on it. I’m not sure where exactly, but when I checked last night the electric WATER kettle had water underneath it (on top of the base) and possibly some had gotten on the plug before it was plugged in.

Let it dry overnight, everything works like a charm.

Well, then at least you know its working. Coincidentally enough, I just changed a GFCI outlet yesterday morning. The outdoor outlet in our back yard hasn’t worked since last summer. Whacking the test and reset buttons really hard with a screwdriver didn’t fix it so it was off to the Home Depot to get a new one. This is the first time I’ve replaced a GFCI and it wasn’t hard at all.