GFW podcast talks about Day of Sex game

I was listening to the just past GFW podcast and they mentioned a Day of Sex game of which Darren had heard rumors. I thought they were just riffin around a bit of tomfoolery and all that but Jeff and someone else chimed in about playing the first Day of Sex.

Man, these GFW guys are a bunch of pervs. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I realized it wasn’t the world, it was really me. Ah well I guess I find out something new about myself.

Day of Sex II was fairly disappointing, though. The smaller areas were just so unsatisfying.

This belongs in the confessions thread.

Those GFW guys are n00bs. As anyone who worked on the game will tell you, it’s obviously pronounced “Do Sex”.


Is there a circumcision patch? I want to see which version of the game gives me more pleasure.

I haven’t heard of one, but the DX:HDTP forum has a thread on skinning tips.

Try maxing Swimming. It’ll be a change, but not an improvement.

26? why is that fun?

Wasn’t Day of Sex II released originally with that backdoor protection scheme that gave everyone a virus or something?

This thread is useless without pi…

Actually, this thread is just useless.