Gh3 Multiplayer COOP missing Paint It Black?

Tier 3 should have Paint It Black but it’s missing. Maybe it’s just me? Somebody doublecheck, eh?

In coop, tier 3 gets you Suck My Kiss. You’ll have to go over to quickplay once you’ve unlocked single player tier 3 to play Paint It Black coop.

I think Paint it Black is missing from coop even after you’ve unlocked it. Something about there is no second part available so they just left it off. :(

Really? Where did you get that info?

I remember playing it in Faceoff…

I’ll be damned. I guess we must have played it in face off or something. It seems to be the only single player only song as far as multiplayer/coop is concerned.

Another mystery – solved! It’ll all be moot on the 20th anyway…



Yeah, it’s one of a few songs which is only on co-op or SP campaign. Although all the songs are available online at least. Disappointing design decision there.