Ghetto English Paper on Racial Test-Score Gaps

Via Freakonomics:

In academia, it is seen as an honor when someone wants to reprint one of your published papers in an edited volume of collected papers. It is really an honor if someone wants to take the time to translate it into another language. Roland Fryer and I feel so honored.
Back in 2004, Roland and I published a piece in the journal Education Next describing our research on racial test-score gaps. That paper was recently translated into ghetto English. The new version is here. It is a must-read (although very, very NSFW). Usually something gets lost in the translation, but I would say in this case it is an improvement.
You really want to read that last link. Sample:

To take a gangbangin’ fresh peep tha gap n’ its sources, our crazy-ass asses examined a freshly smoked up data set, tha Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Kindergarten Cohort, compiled by tha U.S. Department of Ejaculation. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Da thangs up in dis biatch is like surprising: afta adjustin tha data fo’ tha effectz of only a gangbangin’ few observable characteristics, tha black-white test-score gap up in math n’ readin fo’ students enterin kindergarten essentially disrocked up. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Put simply, white n’ black lil pimps wit similar underground n’ gang background characteristics achieved similar test scores (see Figure 1).

Now, if they’d only get Samuel L Jackson to do a dramatic reading.

Oh dear

Oh, boy.

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I’d rather have Flavor Flav do the reading. Jackson would be better for true Jive readings.

And I’m the one who gets accused of racism. Go figure.

I’m sure you’ll manage to expose your idiocy again soon enough.

Regarding this thread. What. The. Fuck?

Because compared to this you’re a shining example of a closeted racist?

I think my gf, who studies African-American-English as a linguist, would be pretty appalled by this poorly informed and poorly done “translation.” I mean, cute idea, I suppose, but the execution really does verge on racist parody of a culture than anything meaningful.

It’s pretty good as an Ali G bit though. Booyakasha!