Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Welcome to Ubisoft.

Well, yeah. I love Ubisoft open-world games, despite all of their weirdnesses. They all share a few of these things in common, for sure.

Does it have equivalents for the Wildlands mission types - defend the radio dish, breach the comm centre, kidnap the leader etc?

There are side missions, that I have not explored yet, where the descriptions include stuff like stealing a truck or freeing a prisoner, etc. Don’t know how varied they are or how the compare to Wildlands’ missions, but they seem on the surface to be at least roughly similar.

Couple of hours in, having a good time. My fear of limited landscapes seem unfounded… but that UI :/

What parts of the UI are bugging you? It’s a bit clunky, for sure, making it harder to shift loadouts and consumables and stuff than it should be, and actually tracking quests is an exercise in, I dunno, something annoying. Those are my main issues.

Sliding down the hills is annoying as hell.

A thousand times this. Add to that the porn-movie grunting and moaning the civilians engage in every time you’re near by (no holster weapon command as in Willdlands, not that I’ve found at least), the inane barks I’ve noted before (“You’re in my personal space!” “Whoa, slow your roll there!”), and on a more mechanical note, the sheer awkwardness of CQB when you are up against cover and have to turn around rapidly to shoot someone. The game does not handle that third-person close in view very well, and there’s a nasty delay in getting hipfire shots on target sometimes, if you’re in the process of turning near obstacles.

But, I do like playing this stupid thing. Even if every weapon upgrade is…well, hard to tell if it’s an upgrade.

Right, the quest UI. Some way in I’m still not sure I know how it works… when do I have to ‘Resolve’ stuff again? Maybe it’s brilliant and I lack the eyes to see, Van Gogh style.

I like the sliding down hills, and all the related animations about interacting with the landscape. Go slow or go around :)

It’s not the animations, it’s the sounds, which are, to me, kind of bizarre, like Nomad isn’t actually a SpecOps bad ass but, I dunno, some guy working at the 7-11 making Slurpees who happened to get lost on an exotic island filled with guns.

The quest UI is Byzantine, and I have yet to figure it out. Nor have I figured out why, every time I log in, the game tells me I’ve finished some tutorial quests, but it’s the same ones each time. They seem to give me experience each time, so I guess it’s ok, but it’s odd.

Also, money seems to be not an issue, though I have no idea what to use money for. Nothing seems useful.

@Jason_McMaster should come in here sometime and sing the game’s praises like he did on the latest Qt3 Games Podcast.

My Nomad is a woman, and presumably sounds different :) I did notice the civilians and the lack of holstering though. But I think we’d both agree these are things around the edge of the main gameplay, which is a lot of fun :)

Yeah, I still really like playing the game, as goofy as it is sometimes.

I’m loving the way camp smoke is visible across long distances, so you can see some off in the distance and set off on a real expedition to get over there. It makes the terrain meaningful. Rage actually did the same with its ‘Arks’. There was a vision mode that showed beams of light shining up into the sky from them which you could see from miles away. It made you engage with the landscape rather than the map. The Arks were where you found your sci-fi ability upgrades too, so it would have been a meaningful system but I think you could find them in less cool ways too.

I think I figured this out–this isn’t really a Ghost Recon game, it’s actually Far Cry 6!

I mean, the setting is sort of a spiritual successor to the tropical island of the original Far Cry. Substitute Cold War for WWII, and you have the same sort of ruins and bunkers. You’re mostly solo, the bad guys are sort of wonky and “wtf?” in motivations and stuff, and instead of genetic research you have AI and robotics!

Ugh so I can’t play this for more than 5 minutes without getting disconnected from playing my single player campaign. Oh well, it was only a 1 month sub.

That sucks.

The thing I rather like about this is how they’ve massaged the mission system. I think this is new - In Odyssey you would get multistage clues like: It’s in Ithaca / south of a big mountain / underwater.

In Breakpoint they’ve adjusted the bits of ‘Intel’ you find around bases, or that can be extracted from helpful or interrogated NPCs, to provide the various parts of these clues. So you hack a laptop to get a clue, then steal a picture from somone’s phone for another, and get the last one from an NPC. It makes hunting for stuff much more worthwhile, compared to finding the location of another suppressor or whatever in Wildlands. Though there are plenty of those too.

I think it’s a very nice marrying of the Exploration mode from Odyssey and Intel vacuuming of Wildlands. If it’s not new I missed it in their other games, but it’s a good addition to the single player experience in particular.

I haven’t had any disconnects yet, though logging in often takes several times banging on the space bar and ESC key to get it to work.

As to the quests, I agree, the exploration mode is very cool. When it works. I’ve had more than one quest totally but out, where the game will not advance to the next step after you complete a previous step. It might be that it wants you to do them only in a certain order, and you didn’t, or it might be…dunno what, but I’ve had to redo several quests this way. Sometimes logging out and back in resets it, other times, not.

There are tons of visual bugs too, none of which really hurt anything, but some are pretty funny. In one quest where you have to adjust an antenna, as it rotates the game doesn’t actually rotate the antenna, but adds a second antenna superimposed on top of the first, and rotates it. So, you see these two antennae intersecting each other in some bizarre robotic mating ritual. Quite funny…except that’s the quest (“Power Failure”) that bugged on me after moving the antenna, the last step of three or so I thought. The game refused to acknowledge that it had happened.

Luckily, fighting is fun and you keep getting loot which scales with you, so redoing stuff usually isn’t too bad.

On the matter of loot…is there any use at all for the materials you get from deconstructing clothing/gear rather than guns? I have tons of “Advanced gear parts” or whatever but they don’t seem used anywhere? Also, plain old metal parts and standard weapon parts seem to be the bottlenecks for leveling up weapons. You get tons of purple and yellow weapons to deconstruct, but after a very short time in the game you no longer find standard (with no color marker, or gray gear as we’d say in other games) weapons and getting standard weapon parts requires weird stuff like harvesting drone carcasses.

I don’t know how any of the equipment stuff works. I’ll be steering clear until there’s a ‘dismantle all’ button :)

Well, it does accumulate weight, though I don’t think I’ve seen my encumbrance go higher than like 30/300 or something. The lack of a deconstruct all button is annoying, but I guess they don’t want you to accidentally do it to a prized weapon or something.

One thing to remember is that any improvements you make to a weapon using the Gunsmith apply to all subsequent versions of that specific weapon. So, if you mod an AUG up to Mark 3, and find a higher-gear level AUG later, it too will be Mark 3. So don’t save the materials, just upgrade stuff you are likely to use.