Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

I don’t think that’s true. Fake New Zealand taken over by tech utopians is a perfectly good setting IMO. Maybe Clancy fans have certain expectations. Far Crys 1 and 3 were also on Pacific Islands though.

A bigger environmental issue is the constant groups of 2-3 men standing next to motorbikes across the wilderness. They should have sent some of the art budget to the encounter design dept.

Yes, the game has problems, no doubt. But the setting isn’t one of them. I would have to agree with Alistair, here; the New Zealand type setting is fine, and the concept is well within the techno-thriller orbit, especially as you get into the game and unearth some of the main plot lines. I mean, they’re hokey AF, and kinda dumb, but no dumber than Wildlands’ crap.

It is, though, a third-person Far Cry with Division stuff slapped on. No doubt about it. I happen to, um, enjoy that mashup though, warts and all.

The guys standing around motorbikes is super dumb, I agree, and if I tally up how many Sentinel goons I’ve killed, I am thinking it would total like a brigade’s worth of cannon fodder. Sentinel must have really deep pockets.

The loot shooter bit turns me off completely, so this is a hard pass from me.

That stuff is pretty ignorable as far as my 30 hours or so suggests to me. All they need to do is add an ‘Autojunk stuff that isn’t best in class’ toggle and it would be invisible.

Presumably there’ll be a trial version at some point too, given Wildlands the Division had those.

How are you defining loot shooter, or, rather, what aspects of looting weapons in a shooter puts you off? Admittedly, the vast, vast majority of weapons you loot are, after the first hour, totally useless except as parts bins, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. Most of the things you take in the world are info/lore bits, and the res are weapons/parts or clothing bits. There’s a fair amount of cosmetic crap you can go for, but it’s all easily ignored. I don’t even understand why they have a parallel currency system (that you can buy into for real money) because the only things they sell are the same things you get in the game extremely easily.

The constant drop of loot breaks the immersion. Aren’t the Ghosts some kind of elite war fighting unit? Do they have time to look at the lastest knee pad they just looted??? I can tolerate certain amount of abstraction but based on the gameplay videos I watched, it is a bridge too far for me.

After 35 hours (according to Uplay) I’m on the last mission of the main plot. It’s a bit of a shift from the rest of the game in that you’re in a boss fight scenario. Otherwise, the game behaved as it should. Even the daunting 150 level enemies are 1-shot kills.

I didn’t spend a dime on micro-transactions, didn’t even look at them. Well, after I collected some crazy high amount of Skell dollars in game that I just let pile up and ignored, I bought a ccouple of helicopters that I could spawn at Bivoucs. However a basic copter is available for free, and I really almost never used the armed copters.

I enjoyed a lot of the unique environments where I had to plan out how to tackle a base or extract a witness. The game is certainly repetitive, but no more so than Wildlands, which I loved for the same reasons.

For all the complaining about drones, they don’t come into play that often, and aren’t typically tougher to deal with than human enemies as long as you plan ahead.

If you enjoyed Wildlands there’s a decent chance you’ll feel the same way about Breakpoint. I will say that as much as I enjoyed Breakpoint, it really added nothing to Wildlands. It could’ve been an expansion. Worked for me.

I can see that, I suppose. Though here you’re a survivor of a disastrous mission failure and presumably are having to loot your supplies given that your whole unit got mostly wiped out. By default, you are a lone survivor trying to McGyver your way through this place to solve the mystery and get off the island, etc.

You can actually turn off loot notifications.

Here’s a hat that’s level 35! And this gun is purple! If you love loot shooters this makes you tingle, if not it totally breaks all immersion.

Oh, no doubt, though I am struggling to remember the last “realistic”-style shooter I played that was particularly immersive, given that most of them for a decade or so have been wildly unrealistic and wonky. The exceptions are the hard-core “sim” style games I guess, but the narrative-driven franchises haven’t been immersive in a “don’t through in obviously gameified stuff” way for eons.

In line with this vision and the feedback we received, we are working on a more radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We also want to let you tailor your experience to the way you want to enjoy the game…

I’m having a great time with what they shipped tbh.

Normally I’m impressed that Ubisoft always wants to double down and improve all their games even when they’re not successful at launch. This time it irritates me for some reason. I haven’t played it, so maybe I’m completely off-base here, but I feel like they should be spending those resources in other places.

Just got an email from Ubisoft, this game is now 30% off this weekend.

There’s a similar sale on it this week for Xbox Gold members. Don’t fall for it! We know it wasn’t a success! Surely the sales will be much better in November and December.

I think that’s the expensive versions. The standard version is 20%.

I’m at the 60 hour point and loving it. It’s the ultimate hiking sim. My month of Uplay+ is up today. Not sure what to do…

I petered out after 73 hours (according to Uplay). I liked it, quite a bit, but after a while the enemy AI began to bother me, as did the utter lack of any meaningful progression or loot. But I think mostly it was just because I played a lot of it, enjoying every minute, but sort of just burnt out. Might go back one time though.

I cancelled my sub, but do intend to go back in. I mean 60 hours in one month is 2 hours a day :/ A little break might not be a bad idea. Some random thoughts:

The loot shooter stuff turned out not to impinge at all. Swap out your stuff once a session and you’re good to go. Fortunately the UI for that is painless, unlike the mission UI :/ Shops, crafting, blueprints and upgrades exist… But I never touched them so I’ve no idea what they do :)

We kind of expect more NPCs, locations, systems from sequels and Breakpoint’s move to a less populated setting is either bold or disappointing, according to taste. I was fine with it, but the bizarrely limited enemy engagements you have in the wild are a real dropped ball. They need to have the enemy sweeping the area in line formation at least, and preferably different formations and numbers.

It would be nice if they reintroduced the AI teammates with RPG style locate/free/recruit missions to acquire them. Or at least made them each a perk unlock. I would also have liked helicopter and plane piloting, and maybe trailbikes to be unlockable skills, to give the progression some in game meaning. Make it part of Exploration mode.

Building up intel - directions & photographs from enemies, NPCs or documents from the required faction - was a really nice development of Odyssey’s quest system. More please.

I never 100% grokked the difference between main missions, side missions, faction missions and faction ‘supports’. The side missions you pick up from NPCs in the world were more fully featured and enjoyable than I expected. Faction support was as generic and repetitive as I feared, and the whole Chapter concept just introduced another layer of confusion I ignored. See also ‘battle rewards’.

But overall it was an ubigame, camp clearance in beautiful landscapes. Again. I loved it :)