Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Just got an email from Ubisoft, this game is now 30% off this weekend.

There’s a similar sale on it this week for Xbox Gold members. Don’t fall for it! We know it wasn’t a success! Surely the sales will be much better in November and December.

I think that’s the expensive versions. The standard version is 20%.

I’m at the 60 hour point and loving it. It’s the ultimate hiking sim. My month of Uplay+ is up today. Not sure what to do…

I petered out after 73 hours (according to Uplay). I liked it, quite a bit, but after a while the enemy AI began to bother me, as did the utter lack of any meaningful progression or loot. But I think mostly it was just because I played a lot of it, enjoying every minute, but sort of just burnt out. Might go back one time though.

I cancelled my sub, but do intend to go back in. I mean 60 hours in one month is 2 hours a day :/ A little break might not be a bad idea. Some random thoughts:

The loot shooter stuff turned out not to impinge at all. Swap out your stuff once a session and you’re good to go. Fortunately the UI for that is painless, unlike the mission UI :/ Shops, crafting, blueprints and upgrades exist… But I never touched them so I’ve no idea what they do :)

We kind of expect more NPCs, locations, systems from sequels and Breakpoint’s move to a less populated setting is either bold or disappointing, according to taste. I was fine with it, but the bizarrely limited enemy engagements you have in the wild are a real dropped ball. They need to have the enemy sweeping the area in line formation at least, and preferably different formations and numbers.

It would be nice if they reintroduced the AI teammates with RPG style locate/free/recruit missions to acquire them. Or at least made them each a perk unlock. I would also have liked helicopter and plane piloting, and maybe trailbikes to be unlockable skills, to give the progression some in game meaning. Make it part of Exploration mode.

Building up intel - directions & photographs from enemies, NPCs or documents from the required faction - was a really nice development of Odyssey’s quest system. More please.

I never 100% grokked the difference between main missions, side missions, faction missions and faction ‘supports’. The side missions you pick up from NPCs in the world were more fully featured and enjoyable than I expected. Faction support was as generic and repetitive as I feared, and the whole Chapter concept just introduced another layer of confusion I ignored. See also ‘battle rewards’.

But overall it was an ubigame, camp clearance in beautiful landscapes. Again. I loved it :)

Half price already. Probably some kind of record.

One thing that’s so weird it seems more like a bug than anything else is the lack of context awareness of NPCs. They all go directly into their ‘Oh no, here’s a scary person with a gun’ lines every single time, without any grasp of whether we’ve already spoken or we’re already friends or anything. It’s a weird step back from other ubigames.

Still. Tempted by half price. No doubt it’ll be cheaper soon though.

It’s worth it for the general gameplay I think. I got my money’s worth out of it. Ok, I got it through the Uplay+ so I technically didn’t pay for it per se, but in the month I spent fifteen bucks on the service, I got my money’s worth!

I wonder if they could just render all other players in Erewhon in civilian garb, to avoid the weird dissonance between solo soldier story and MMO style implementation.

Bunch of work said to be incoming:

I love that the third item in their survey graphic is “Requested by 30+% of players: Remove Online Requirement” and they don’t want to even call it out by name.

Due to its scope, the remaining top result will require more investigation . Please look forward for more information on this topic by early next year.

Did the first game have offline mode?

Yes. It could be played totally offline.

I think my three things to fix it are:

More enemy formations in the wild
Friendly NPC behaviour which isn’t just snivel
Render other people in homesteader clothing in the hub


It - and the lack of AI team mates - is why I will be playing wildlands again this Christmas instead of breakpoint. Why did they break what was working?

About $17 in the current Ubisale… Use the EXTRA20 code.

Thats an impressive drop in price so quickly.

Maybe the Games As A Service model has reached… BREAKPOINT.

I’m having quite a bit of fun with this one playing solo, casually following the main storyline while poking my nose around the first region, very often where it doesn’t belong, so I find myself in some extremely intense situations. I really enjoy getting in over my head and having to think quickly and reflexively to stay alive.

This game does escape and evade gameplay incredibly well. It reminds me of the book/movie Lone Survivor, where everything can be quiet and peaceful while doing recon/exploring and then suddenly the jungle erupts with violent action and you’re under fire by superior numbers (and firepower/tech) and running for your life!

I want to get back into this, my friends gave up on it, if anyone is interested im on PC name is MiceWithMatches