Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Did the first game have offline mode?

Yes. It could be played totally offline.

I think my three things to fix it are:

More enemy formations in the wild
Friendly NPC behaviour which isn’t just snivel
Render other people in homesteader clothing in the hub


It - and the lack of AI team mates - is why I will be playing wildlands again this Christmas instead of breakpoint. Why did they break what was working?

About $17 in the current Ubisale… Use the EXTRA20 code.

Thats an impressive drop in price so quickly.

Maybe the Games As A Service model has reached… BREAKPOINT.

I’m having quite a bit of fun with this one playing solo, casually following the main storyline while poking my nose around the first region, very often where it doesn’t belong, so I find myself in some extremely intense situations. I really enjoy getting in over my head and having to think quickly and reflexively to stay alive.

This game does escape and evade gameplay incredibly well. It reminds me of the book/movie Lone Survivor, where everything can be quiet and peaceful while doing recon/exploring and then suddenly the jungle erupts with violent action and you’re under fire by superior numbers (and firepower/tech) and running for your life!

I want to get back into this, my friends gave up on it, if anyone is interested im on PC name is MiceWithMatches

Between the sale and the discount code above, I got the game for $15. Already more than gotten my moneys worth. Certainly not a perfect game, but I enjoy it a little more than Wildlands. And I do agree that it feels more like a Far Cry game than at least the GR games of old. Certainly interested to see where the story goes - I’m spending time checking out all the ‘?’ than going strictly after main or side missions, so it’s taking a lot more time to play.

Anyway, certainly recommended for my own, personal $15 price point (base game only).



That sounds ok but I’ve seen enough of it personally. Even if they had some story dlc, I’ve seen enough of the setting. Maybe if they added the 4 man team back in, or ‘rebel support’ I’d pick it up again.

Seems like a blend of hardcore type settings with some QOL enhancements. Not bad, really, though I’m not sure I have it in me to go back into the game after playing quite a bit of it when it came out. Is this Ghost Experience thing a patch/free update, or a paid DLC? I would hope the former?

We get this but no damn Splinter Cell game.

Dat Sam Fisher Voice.

Doing a quick try the thing that struck me is that you (optionally) lose the ammo left in the magazine if you reload before it’s empty. Seems a bit… odd? No-one just yanks the mag off and drops it. Maybe a longer press with an animation for the version where you actually refill the mag, and this quick version for oh-shit moments :)

Is this on sale like The Division 2 was for $3 yet? It seems like it would be worth it at that price.

I think the idea is that you are, in the heat of a firefight, doing a tactical reload when, say, you have three rounds out of twenty left, so that you drop the magazine with the three and load a full one, but the three rounds you drop don’t go back into your “pool” of ammo.

Seems reasonable to me–the whole idea of having X rounds that automagically get put into however many magazines you need on the fly works well for gameplay, but for someone who for whatever reason wants more challenge, it’s more challenging and arguably more realistic to lose the ammo when you change from a partially empty magazine.

I mean, the game doesn’t track how many mags you have, only rounds. It should really track magazines, and then in camp allow you to fill mags with loose rounds (for those who want that sort of thing). From what I can gather, running along in a firefight sticking rounds into magazines is probably not a recommended practice?

No, but you shove the used mag down your front and worry about it later. If you drop all your magazines you can’t use your weapon any more, which I think might be classed as wining the battle and losing the war :)

Could be, though that sounds painful! In any event, the reloading of the magazines is not something I really want to simulate, so I’m happy with whatever solution games use really.