Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Not sure. It’s like they’re adding in everything they took out from Wildlands.

Please, this. In Wildlands I loved it that your team mates would say things like “put the guns away, we don’t want to spook them” but you had no ability to do so.

In Wildlands you could holster your guns. Most of my playtime was holstered, I hate running around with my guns out all the time.

Another friend told me he finished the game and thought it was really lame there were no melee takedowns. I blew his mind when I sent him my video where I take people from behind with melee.


Breakpoint is on sale for 10 euros on EGS with that coupon of theirs.

Since I enjoyed Wildlands I am somewhat drawn to try it out.

But looking at videos - is it possible to set the camera further from the character? It is so damn close. In Wildlands it felt pretty perfect (and camera went further back when holstered).

Don’t think so. You can tweak fov a bit.

The Uplay+ trial will give you a free week to try it out too…

Maybe I missed it but are gear parts (obtained from dismantling armor) still entirely useless? They sit in inventory and do absolutely nothing.

What??? I’ve put a lot of hours in that game and…you can holster your weapons? Geez, I feel dumb. Um, what’s the key command?

If you disable the gear leveling can you still disassemble stuff? Either way, yeah, it seems totally a waste of code.

H, I think. Holster :)

I always thought it made your run speed about 3% faster, but that could have been psychosomatic :)

On controller you just hold X. I am running holstered here often

I started playing this a bit getting ready for the AI patch this week. I went without gear score. I assumed you could just add parts you’ve unlocked like in Wildlands in that setting. What are the parts about?

Dunno about any of that but today I noticed there’s a very nice readout of FPS/CPU/GPU usage in this. Hit F1 to cycle through them. Don’t know if it was always there, but it underlined Vulkan’s better performance for me.

Spent today reminding myself how the UI works. Going to pick up the team tomorrow. I wonder if you can make them match the old team :)

I’m just flabbergasted how the hell they would put in the whole mechanic to dismantle weapons and armor but just entirely left out being able to use armor parts for anything.

I’m not sure if it’s different without gear score but in single player you can dismantle weapons to get parts which can be used to upgrade other similar weapons. You can similarly dismantle armor but there is no way to use the armor parts you receive.

Weapon mods, yes; you find those. It’s the eight bajillion pieces of often name-brand clothing you find and can scrap for nebulous resources that’s the weirdness. Those resources cannot be used, for anything, at least so far as anyone has yet discovered.

I wish you could switch between the four characters and have the AI take over yours… Give them different loadouts and skills, so switching is a little bit meaningful. Also when you die, so you get 4 lives :)

I also think there should be missions to unlock them, in line with the story about being shot down and scattered on the island.

If Wildlands hadn’t come with them as standard they would be great DLC, as opposed to looking like they screwed up.

I like the unlocking idea, as it fits the story (such as it is). I also like the idea of being able to switch to controlling them. Heck, I’d settle (in Wildlands) for being able to let one of them drive or fly while I used the mounted weapon or fired through the window or whatever.

Especially as Far Cry lets you do that… Talk to each other, bits of Ubisoft!

Different studios, Chinese walls? I have worked in some pretty gnarly group companies where subsidiaries are constantly competing with each other.

Wildlands was Ubi Paris. I think FC 5 was Montreal; The Division is Massive, out of Sweden I think. The list of Ubi subsidiaries is long and it appears each is pretty independent.