Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Technically the game seems pretty rock-solid now. Very few bugs that I’ve noticed in several different playings over the past year. It does what it says it does and looks good doing it. Whether what it does is what you want to do is of course another question!

I recall that the issues were more around game play problems, like you were no longer a squad or something, and like the enemy AI was horrifically bad and stuff like that. I do not remember what the exact issues were, only it got a really bad reception when it was released. Maybe Ill put it on my wishlist and wait for it to be on sale.

They added AI squad mates back in after the complaints.

I looked up the game on the Epic Game Store, it’s only $14.99, so with coupon it would only be $5. But holy hell, there’s a lot of versions. Deluxe, Gold, Ultimate, Year 1 Pass. Is any of that other stuff necessary?

No idea about the various versions but I do have some DLC and the one with Sam Fisher was good.

The lack of squadmates was not a problem for me, as I tend to like to lone wolf it. As noted, though, now there are squaddies, which is cool when combined with the more immersive modes, so you can specialize and not feel obligated to do everything (and you can actually make the one main weapon limit option work).

Enemy AI is, well, Ubisoft enemy AI. The biggest Breakpoint specific issue for me is that the enemy simply will not stop talking. Even with all the over target icons turned off in full immersion mode, you just have to sit there for a moment and the enemies will let you know where they are by having loud and useless conversations without pause.

On the enemy AI, I remember seeing a video where one guy cleared a base from one position where some guy would come out of a door and poorly hide behind a low wall of some sort, and then he would kill him from a distance and then another guy would pop out and do the same thing and die, and repeat until everyone was dead. Then he showed the same kind of behavior in a bunch of different spots.

Yeah, that can happen, though usually it isn’t quite as blatant. Probably has something to do with the player being undetected and at just the right range, etc. Also, the game still just plops people down randomly across hill and dale, so you find these two bad guys chatting loudly every 100 meters or so, clustered around their vehicles and stuff. Once the shooting starts, the behaviors I think are not too bad, but the pre-action idle state stuff is dreadful.

Been fooling around with this again, in preparation for the update next week. Trying a full immersion approach from scratch, even though I have a couple of level 30 operators from earlier playings. Never got through any of the additional episodes either, so maybe I will this time.

But playing without the markers is really cool. Having to search for things rather than simply follow the breadcrumbs is satisfying because the world is very nicely done. The additional difficulty settings, like one main weapon, syringes not healing major injuries, loss of ammo on reload, all that, are actually pretty good in forcing you to play a lot more tactically. I find myself setting up encounters a lot more carefully than before, as Rambo ain’t gonna cut it even with the questionable enemy AI. All in all, the game certainly has some legs.

There are so many options now I expect it would be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. Ghost parameters, World Parameters, Seasons, DLC…

Indeed. And the explanations are hard to follow sometimes even for veteran players.

Having said that I’ve just started the Sam Fisher DLC they gave away and it’s a lot of fun again. I think I settled on the lightest of sim options - healing cures injuries, 2 weapons… I think I always had the more ‘exploratory’ options on - few explicit location markers, right? I do think it looks a bit better than Far Cry 6 somehow. I might just have different FOV settings or something, but this seems more open and somehow more detailed, instead of cartoony foliage everywhere.

Yeah the graphics are absolutely outstanding. I remember when I first played it and was standing on a mud-spattered trail, with sunlight reflecting off a puddle. I honestly would’ve believed it was real.

I’ve been having a blast so far. It’s so fun to do sync shots and methodically clear out a base with silenced sniper rifles. Just a delight.

The overall setting and environment, despite suffering a teensy bit from perhaps too much variety overall, is so wonderfully executed, and makes such a great playground, that it is easy to forgive the idiotic enemies and contrived plots and stuff. Just tooling around doing stuff at random is wicked cool.

One of the AI must have rocket laucher use in their skill tree somewhere because every time I drive past a hostile vehicle it’s just BOOM and it’s gone.

My “favorite” is the way the game tracks your line of fire, which does not line up with your line of aim all the time. If you are prone or crouched in particular, and sighting over a ledge or rail, often your rounds will chew up the concrete or whatever, doing nothing but alerting the bad guys. That’s bad, but worse is if you are trying to fire a LAW…oops.

Finished the Sam Fisher DLC. After 183 hours total play now, do I really need to see the new Conquest mode…? Maybe!

Missed this - I would go with the lowest cost standard version. It’s plenty big, and various content drops are also available for it if you want them.

The AI squadmates are an interesting bunch. Once you get them upgraded a bit, they are pretty useful. The scanner that Fury has, FIxit’s drone, and Vasily’s “Penetrating Shot” (the thing that blows up vehicles, btw) are all useful. I do get tired of them reminding me to use my silencer or check for intel, and it is always hilarious to watch them be totally oblivious to bad guys standing right in front of them (luckily the bad guys are incapable of seeing them either it seems, until you start firing).

Weapon stuff is a mixed bag. I turn off gear score because it always seemed dopey to have different tiers of the same weapon, but that also removes one of the main rewards for exploration and looting. With enough Skell credits you can buy pretty much any blueprint, so other than a few mission-related rewards you will inevitably get whatever guns you want, when you want them. Which is fine. The challenge for me is that the differences between, say, different assault rifles are rather minimal, due to the need to balance everything (probably for the PvP stuff, which I’ve never tried). At least the varied attachments are kind of cool.

The game world though makes up for a host of sins. So many tactical options, and cool vistas. Though I really, really hate Ubi’s insistence that highly trained, physically fit special operators turn into stumbling buffoons when faced with even a slight incline. Sliding down a whole mountain because, well, reasons is a feature of all these games, GR and FC both.