Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Enter the Punisher

Montana is much more interesting, topographically. Trust me on that.

So I bought Odyssey (Gold Edition on sale, plus I had 20% off with Ubi points). But. The PayPal thing went through, according to the email from them. Have not received any email sale confirmation from Ubi yet (I bought last night through the website as I can’t seem to buy anything through my Uplay client). Nothing is in my Uplay library, and I actually even reinstalled Uplay. I’m wondering if they are just slow? Their FAQ says that if you don’t get an email confirmation it means the sale didn’t go through, but PayPal sure charged me.

Also, when I bought a DLC for Wildlands via the in-game route, it went through Xsola. Buying off of the Ubi store page went through Ubi itself. It may be that Ubi is terrible at stores?

Bought a lot on UBI and never had an issue.

I’m not saying there is a wide-spread issue, just noting my own problem with them. There seems to be a disconnect that happens when you have games from Steam that are activated on Uplay with a code. The first Uplay game I installed was a game I got on Steam, and then had to install Uplay. From that point on, if I bought a game via Steam, everything worked fine. But it would never let me use Uplay to buy anything from the Ubi store, but instead would make me either buy it via Steam or go to the Ubi store page. Theoretically, it’s all linked, and indeed, my Uplay account shows the link to my Steam account. In this case, though, something certainly seems to have gone awry.

I opened a ticket but I am not terribly confident. Worst case, I have to cancel the payment via PayPal, but I’ve lost the 100 Ubi points I used to get the discount I think.

Weird :/ Ubi support might get you your points back? Have you ever tried installing Uplay directly - maybe that gets you the version where you can buy stuff?

I downloaded Uplay from the Ubi site and installed it, after uninstalling the version I had, but that didn’t change anything.

I suspect the order did not actually go through. One of the FAQ things said that if you don’t get an email, it didn’t go through. I need to check to see if the PayPal payment actually was deducted or not. If not, I might have to try again. But I still don’t know why the Uplay app and the Ubisoft website/store don’t seem to be in sync for me.

Well, as I suspected, the order did not go through and PayPal refunded my money. The problem is, not only are 100 of my Ubipoints gone, the deal I was buying–Assassin’s Creed Gold for 33 bucks, minus a 20% discount–is gone too. Only full price stuff is on the store now. I wonder if I hit a glitch and the pricing was not correct, or something? Ah well.

I’d still ask for those Ubipoints back, even if they can’t give you the deal.

Got my points, bought AC: Odyssey Gold (more expensive since the magic price went away) and man, how did I not get this when it came out? It’s so beautiful, and so far so well done. And I bounced off of the one set in Venice pretty hard.

One of us! One of us!

And I hear the next Assassin’s Creed game will be Assassin’s Creed: ance Clearwater Revival, where you play a 1960s-era hippy trying to find the perfect mushroom in San Francisco. Pre-order bonuses include bell bottoms and a Gibson.

Can I fight on Bernthal’s side?

Also, the big news is that they’re adding back in the solo AI teammates.

That’s a positive, though I read it will be sometime post-release unfortunately.

Got an invite to the tech test thing but am on holiday :(

Can I play this co-op with just me and one other friend?

Er, maybe? In Wildlands I think I did that once.

Yes, you can.

I’m in the Tech test this weekend. Can’t really talk about it, they’re serious about their NDA. I’m a big fan of Wildlands, and having briefly sparked up this weekend’s Breakpoint tech test, I absolutely plan on spending more time with it this weekend.

I may have a couple of left over invites to the technical test that is going on this weekend. If anyone is interested let me know, if I have any left I’ll give them out here

Oh :(

Psst, just on the safe side with NDA (don’t know exactly what terms are there but still), maybe you want to reconsider saying anything at all. Especially with what I think your real name is showing, and especially for a game you may or may not care.