Ghost Recon + Desert Siege + Island Thunder

Is anybody else really looking forward to Island Thunder? It went gold today, and should be on shelves by next week! Just read the hands-on preview in the brand spanking new issue of PC Gamer today, and I downloaded the trailer yesterday.

Dusted off my Ghost Recon and Desert Siege and am playing multiplayer today. These are insanely fun multiplayer games. Maybe not as revolutionary as Battlefield 1942, but you just can’t beat the immersiveness and atmosphere of the small unit combat in GR. You’re the woods, rain pelting down on your head, and all of a sudden the bark of an AK erupts, and tracers are flying past your head.

I’m sure the Red Storm shareholders are eagerly looking forward to the release of this expansion.

You mean Ubi Soft, dontcha? Cause Red Storm is just a division of Ubi.

Of course, Ubi is in big trouble (like a lot of French companies are: French Telecom, Vivendi, and Infogrames all have major, major debt loads and are rapidly coming to a fiscal reckoning).

Still, whatever problems Ubi has, I hope Red Storm survives. Aside from some horrible “what were they thinking projects” (Shadow Watch anyone?), the GR and R6 franchise have been stellar.

from some horrible “what were they thinking projects” (Shadow Watch anyone?),

Ouch. Talk like this will make Kevin Perry unhappy. And when Kevin Perry is unhappy, we’re all unhappy.

Not to mention Quarter to Three webhost Tom Chick.
(Bub turns and runs far, far away)

Don’t forget me… I was part of the double team on you regarding Shadow Watch, Bub.

What a great fucking game…


Yeah but your potshots were inneffectual and girl-like.

I thought Bruce Geryk won the Shadow Watch argument.

That’s only because I take it easy on you. I wouldn’t want you curled up in the fetal position on the floor while there’s kids to take care of… :twisted:


I thought Bruce Geryk won the Shadow Watch argument.

I don’t think you can win the Shadow Watch argument by talking about great Odium was. That’s like trying to win the Royal Tenebaums argument by talking about how great Pluto Nash was.


What’s wrong with Shadow Watch? After the debate, I tried it out (to judge for myself) and found it to be immensely satisfying in small doses. Besides, it gets bonus points for being on my short list of games that don’t require a patch.

I would be sad to see Red Storm disappear since they still have positive karma credit from R6 and GR. Not sure if I’m excited about another GR mission pack though.

  • Alan

Hey, I HAD forgotten that, Dave. I have to go reevaluate everything you’ve ever said now :)

And hey, Kale, thanks for mentioning the game. I get a little glow anytime anybody mentions the game, even it it’s in the worst possible light. I’d rather it be noticed and hated than ignored entirely.


I’m turning into Derek Smart!

oh? You shaved your back too? And where exactly did you put the spank me tattoo?

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one Kev :D :D

ps: btw, I luv all the games in the series and will be picking this one up too

Obviously, I’m going to have biases and a certain vested interest here.

However, Ubi Soft is a publically traded company; the financial information is available.

For the corporate summary on it, it should still be the top release here:


I think we exchanged e-mail on the game some time ago Kevin. It might have even been in the first incarnation of Chick vs. Bub Over Shadow Watch: The USENET Edition. It’s a great design that I still hold dear. Heck, even the box was cool. It’s kinda funny if you hit Google Groups…a lot of the guys here were already debating/arguing over games in CSIPGS some four or more years ago.

If I wasn’t tied up in some reviews right now I’d play it just based on its mention here again.


Well, forums like this one (especially this one) eclipsed USENET long ago. But I do like seeing continuity.

Thanks again for your kind words about SW.

Not unhappy. Just maudlin.

Actually the whole thread makes me thoughtful, as Island Thunder is the last internal Red Storm product I had anything to do with. Glad to see some people excited about it.

True - but we get infiltrated once in a while. Again, I make no excuses for Met_K :D :D

/me waiting until MK sees this

Picked up Island Thunder today, and OUCH, it is tough. Red Storm really did something to the AI, because it is much more aggressive and unpredictable.

Ton of players pissed though, because Island Thunder and the new 1.3 patch for GR players without Island Thunder removes the limping animation if you wounded someone in the legs. Apparently, Red Storm said it needed the memory that the limping took up (I’m assuming they needed the memory for all the other new things they added, cause they added and changed a ton of stuff).

By the second expansion pack, we figure it’s the hardcore playing. So the gloves can come off.

No idea on the second thing, though. After my time. Why are people upset about it? Does it remove the penalty for getting shot in the legs entirely?