Ghost Recon + Desert Siege + Island Thunder

The first two missions are simply brutal. Second one is in the jungle in the rain. They tweaked night vision goggles, so they can’t cut through the fog like they used to (this is much more realistic). So your NVG’s are pretty much crap in the rain.

I take out a patrol, but then my tracers draw a straight line back to me, so next thing I know, there’s tracers coming out of the fog flying at me. It’s tough, but in a good way.

People don’t like the limping animations going away because they liked to hobble the enemy in single and multiplayer games. Apparently, it’s a really useful tactic in ladder matches, because you can cripple someone, thus they move a lot slower while they drag their leg along. Why they don’t just shoot to kill instead of shoot to wound the leg is beyond me, but the GR players are mightily pissed about it and are screaming for limping to be put back in.