Ghost Recon Frontline - Ghosts in Battle Royale

Leaked image:

Rumors say:

  • Set in modern-day Vietnam
  • Not an open-world game
  • No single player

In this order; hmm, boo, and boo.


  • First-person view
  • F2P

Frontline? A partnership with PBS?

Yeah - no thanks.

So - this is Ubisofts big change towards full multiplayer online games only, as seen with the announced AC game as well.


The rumours had me at first with “not an open world game” but then they lost me at “no singleplayer”. And then it just steadily got worse from there.

Guess I’ll just go play through the original Ghost Recon instead for a dozenth time.


Battle Royale.


Also, guess we’re not the only ones disappointed.

Screenshot 2021-10-05 214442

Isn’t Battle Royale so like pre-pandemic era?

Is it BR? I don’t think there’s a shrinking circle and there are extractions once you’ve got the doohicky. Maybe like the Division dark zones?

Doesn’t seem to be Vietnam either.


Explore Drakemoor Island, a massive and hostile open world that demands quick adaptation and teamwork to survive.

I’d guess it’s a mish-mash or previous Ghost Recon assets, knowing Ubisoft.


It’s just shorthand for sexy and handsome.

Oh. blush Well alright…

Just catching up with the news and well…yikes. The Ghost Recon subreddit has gone into full meltdown over this, and I can’t say I blame them.

Yeah, for once I agree with the masses:

This is not what I was hoping for…

Must be going well. Hahaha

While it must SUCK being a developer on that game right now, I hope they listen to the fanbase that seems mostly united on the fact that this is not the way they want the game brand to go.

You’d have thought that the EA BF BR debacle would have made this RIP DOA in the cradle.