Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


I agree with your overall point, but I just feel the need to defend this particular game. The most dangerous infected detected humans by sound, so you could always imagine to yourself that Elle was being quiet and wasn’t detected even though she was out in the open. I know that’s a little thing, but a little thing like that goes a long way in a game like that where you’re trying to stay as engaged and not lose suspension of disbelief too badly during the action sequences. Although the sheer soundscape of a clicker attacking you is also good for that. You’re almost shitting your pants, so you’re too distracted to worry about whether Elle should have been detected.


I do too. It’s a very different experience from the solo game.


Oh, and before I forget, the cover system is terrible, no matter if it’s solo or co-op. Sometimes my character will snap into cover, sometimes she won’t. I have no idea why. I can’t even really tell if snapping into cover does anything as far as helping with concealment or actually blocking bullets.


I didn’t even know there was supposed to be a cover system! :)

My biggest problem is constantly launching the drone when I meant to lay prone.


Sounds more and more like Horizons is the much better open world game for single player and Wildlands is worth it if you have co op buddies.


I would go farther and say almost any other open world game up to this point is a better game for solo play than GRW. You’d have to reeeeeeeally love the core base takedown gameplay to not get tired of GRW after just a couple of hours of the solo experience. In co-op, though, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

But… That leads me to this.

Am I really enjoying the game, or my friends at that point? I guess I have to give credit and say that GRW is providing an exquisite sandbox to play in, but the experience is greatly lessened if you co-op with random people.


Nice videos there; especially how you parked a heli in the middle of the jungle, then exited it as it hovered sideways with no pilot at the ‘wheel’… Coop always makes games better, even if they are utter shit you can get some good coop in there. (Like that 50 cent game on the xboxthreesexy)

Horizons is that new PS4 RPG there are ads sprayed everywhere for?

The character animations in backpack/gun stuff looks like it is taken verbatim from Division (not a bad thing I suppose). But the vehicle handling/chopper like it was taken from Dante.


Yeah, the vehicle stuff is non-standard.


Everyone is trying to figure what the hell Grand Theft Auto 5 did to be so successful online. What, no point, barely any story, no missions, just people randomly driving around killing each other for shits and giggles? And they make hundreds of millions a year off this?

Though only a partial explanation, it’s very much a function of the scale and detail of the world, the physicality of the equipment (there are whole channels on YouTube that do nothing but test GTA5 vehicle performance) and the emergent gameplay.


Well, GTA Online had GTA V single player campaign to start. If GTA Online hadn’t been included at all, the game would’ve initially sold a few million copies anyway just based on the Rockstar story mode. Those initial few million owners jumped into GTA Online back when it was a barebones experience. (Seriously, comparing GTA Online at launch to what it is now, is pretty eye-opening.) Those early online players kept it alive while Rockstar added to it and attracted more players. It didn’t hurt when Rockstar reissued the game on the new consoles.

Now? GTA Online is a stunt physics sim, a racing game, a scenario editor, a movie maker, a multiplayer shooter, an MMO roleplaying game, and a social media hangout. It’s a critical mass phenomenon like Minecraft or Overwatch in which the popularity drives itself.

I don’t think GRW will have that same staying power. I guess vehicle racing is supposed to come to the game via the season pass DLC, but the handling and physics are pretty awful so I can’t imagine anyone going nuts for it. I doubt the free versus addition will amount to much.


Yea, the driving in GRW is amazingly bad for my time in the beta. It’s the worse balance between simulationist and arcade.


I disagree. So far, my time with the game is divided 50/50 between solo and coop and I am still liking both after several days with it. Do I enjoy coop with friends more? Most definitely but this could be because I enjoy my friends a lot. :)

Solo play has its own draws for me. I am on my own schedule, I can go and look at flamingos for half an hour if I want to. :) Collecting and testing new guns is fun. Testing new skills is fun. Infiltrating various camps is fun. Solo play (with dumb AI teammates) is harder than coop, which also is fun in a way. Taking on some larger camps solo in a stealthy way is akin to a puzzle and is also fun. The world is beautifully modeled and having time to take a few to look at all that is nice when soloing.

I don’t know if this game (in solo) is going to keep my attention for 10, 30 or 100 hours but, due to its openness, I totally see myself revisiting it periodically in the future just to relax and clear some camps, even when I completely forget what the story is all about. :)


Ran a few missions tonight with some friends and one in particular went smoothly enough I wanted to share it.




(speaking of fucksticks, stop checking my sentences Discourse. More like Dickcourse amirite?)


It isn’t base jumping if you’re jumping out of an ‘air vehicle’?
Hoping to get a try at Heliboogie this summer.

Nice video tho’.

Would’ve grabbed the game if it didn’t use the spyware tech they decided to use to prevent ‘cheating’ in a cooperative game?


RPS review reminded me of something

Despite all my complaints, the rallying cry for its defenders will always be: it’s improved with three friends. And although this is true, what lacklustre manshoot wouldn’t be improved with your mate Tom in the place of a broken AI? If a sandbox shooter demands a basic level of human closeness to make it in any way enjoyable, this raises the question: is the game itself good, or do you just like humans? I like humans and I did notice a huge improvement when playing with friends.

Eurogamer and RPS reviews so often read so similar.


I played both closed and open betas, but the release date so close to Andromeda is what made me avoid the game for now. Budget is only so much, and I’d rather Mass Effect than Ghost Recon Grand Theft Auto. I’ll probably pick this up on sale later this year, but god knows if the player base is still at it.


you must not have actually watched the video… there are two jumps


Last night’s QT3 live stream was excellent. I had a lot of fun, and I laughed a lot. It’s a testament to the game that so many different factors contributed to that comedy. The coop Sniper 4 stream, for example, was nowhere in the same league, because it’s a different type of game.


I saw you guys jumping out of a chopper and thought that was it.