Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


I’m a few hours in. It is the same Ubisoft icon hunt BS, but the driving and flying is terribad. So maybe because you are driving a sedan in dirt road that makes the handling bad? Chopper is ok, but the light plane is just so hard to turn. I miss the Fallout 4 BoS pickup and drop off method of fast travel.

I can see why the story made the Bolivian government’s blood boil. The briefing by “Karen Bowman” is so sarcastic sometimes it is hard to take the game seriously as any kind of milsim, and it can come across as completely disrespectful to the Bolivians.


I also grabbed this post free weekend. Do the Unidad forces keep spawning or do they stop at some point? Is there an active way to make them stop?

Also, I assume sync shots are silent?

Are there “builds” or do you end up getting plenty of skill points/materials to basically take what you want?


If you take out an alarm, no Unidad helicopters will show up. I feel like I’ve seen both infinite and limited numbers of Unidad drive up at different times - not sure what the difference was. Running away will get you free of them pretty quickly.

Sync shots seem to be silent, right.

I found plenty of points for all skills, but I played it for a long time. I don’t think there are any mysteries about what is useful. Maybe watch out for the one to have your buddies revive you more than once :)


Unidad chases you until you evade them, GTA style. Santa Blanca doesn’t have alert levels so it’s much easier to escape them or you can just kill them all.


Yeah, there’s actually a “Unidad Patrol” level UI that pops up in the upper right corner when you’ve sufficiently riled them, also like GTA.


Thanks, all!


I too picked this up on sale and have started playing. It has a completely different feel to Far Cry in the way it plays. It’s also, so far, taking itself way too seriously.

I’m having difficulty understanding the sync shot activation. I hit Q to tag an enemy, one of my guys, “gets into position,” then gives me an affirmative, “ready.” Then I hit Q again. Then I hold Q. Then I hit Q like 10 more times.

At some point, my guy who was, “ready,” actually kills the target, but that moment is about a good 10-15 seconds after I expected him to do it, so at times another enemy has walked over and now I suddenly have a group on alert.

What am I doing wrong?


Press and hold Q to have them fire. And you have to be looking through a scope or drone to give the order, I think I remember.


I’m assuming I have to be looking at the target? That seems … dumb? I mean I gave the guy the target, I need to line up one of the others. I thought just hitting Q would have him fire, while I double tap another target.

This is making me want to just ‘lone wolf’ this thing or prefer a guns blazing approach versus stealth.


Hey Skip, It works that way too. Tag a few and then line up on a different target. When you pull the trigger everyone else will execute (if they can).

Thing is, they have to have a clear shot or its a no-go for that teammate. They usually say so too.


Synch shot in this game is interesting. Try it against a target that’s on the other side of a base when you are up high and can see the whke base. You can actually watch your guy move laterally and “slice the pie” to get into LOS. Really good pathfinding by the devs.


Nice tips from both of you, thanks @GreasyPig and @Guap.

I didn’t know they guys were waiting on me to engage.


It works both ways - hold Q to have them fire, or just open up yourself. It’s pretty cool and genuinely useful. In the dlc you could fire a shot from your drone to trigger them too :)

You don’t have to be looking at the target when you hold Q, but you do have to be looking through the scope. It’s weird, but a few commands work that way e.g. switching from semi to auto, or between rifle and under barrel grenades. Maybe it’s a way of fitting everything onto a gamepad.


I think based on some of the comments, maybe my guy was repositioning or something. Holding Q did not get them to fire, multiple times when I tried it yesterday going through the first few engagements. I think the key might have been me not looking through a scope, so what all counts here? Iron sights? Binoculars? Drone?


When they are not in position the key press icon will be translucent. When they are ready it will go solid. On the Bone this is the A key, not sure what it is on PC (Q I guess?) They will also give verbal confirmation of the shot. Keep in mind the icon will go back and forth between these states as enemies wander around a base or whatever and LOS becomes obstructed and clear.


On the PC, (probably on console as well), if a companion is not in position there will be a little spinning icon over the sync indicators on the right side of the screen. If you hold the button then, the shot will not be taken.


Intersting thing with Q tagging is that they are deadly killers if you mark something for them, if you’re just being attacked by the endless resupply of unidad soldiers, they’re as useless as paper armor.


So what do the difficulty levels do?


They affect how much damage you take. On Arcade you’re a bulletsponge, on the highest difficulty it’s just 1-shot-1 kill on you.


Finally 100% finished this. The story is almost like in GTA game: disgusting and taking itself too seriously. Ostensibly you are fighting drug cartel embedded in Bolivia, but there is basically no rule. Collateral damage, civilian kills, even fighting Bolivian military have almost zero ramification in-game. The military will back off once you get out of sight, which is so GTA. The game helpfully tracks how many people you’ve killed, but not how much collateral damage you caused, or how many innocent lives you’ve killed.

Gameplay is the usual Ubi-quity open world, with almost zero tactical nuance found in a normal Ghost Recon game. You can turn the difficulty all the way to one hit and you are dead, but there is still many gamey elements like disappearing corpse, which makes stealth missions extremely cheap. Your AI buddy aim is so good they can shoot through wall while you can’t.

The environment however is beautiful. That salt flat, my goodness, is so awesome I want to go to Bolivia to see it for myself. Everything else is beautiful, from thick forest to weather effects. I have to turn the graphics to ultra high and suffer through mid 30s FPS on my RX 480 just to soak it all in.