Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


Air vehicles suuuuck bad, but I actually got used to the car handling and can dukes of hazard it or drive perfectly normally following roads with no issue. Most of the time. I do not recall mercs having fantastic vehicle controls either (but better than this)


How can you stand that insane sharpening filter? It makes image look so ugly grainy.


I’m not noticing it at all, so that is how? Hah. Does PS4pro version have it?


When you open the screenshots teiman posted in full size, you really do not see it?
When I played the beta the sharpening was first thing I turned down. Everything seemed grainy.


Is from the PS4 version, so maybe anti-alias is disabled to save some gpu power.

I normally play with anti-alias disabled on PC, I like the world to feel rich, full of textures, so maybe thats why I don’t notice much. Yea, the plants do look a bit “pointy”.


It is not about antialiasing but really about sharpening filter. Dunno about PS4 but on PC there is a specific sharpening slider. Since it has zero performance impact, I would assume it is also available on consoles.


Zoomed in, that gun looked ‘wrong’ somehow.
Unless it is covered in oil?


Oh thank God.

…following the community feedback we received, we have implemented the option to turn off the radios in the game by default, as well as the option to choose the type of vehicle you want to spawn when using the “Drop Vehicle” rebel skill. Now you should have even more tactical options to plan and execute your missions.[/quote]

Title update 2 should be out now.


I was quite literal about my junk food analogy. Junk food isn’t “good” but it’s addicting. Almost no serious game site covers games like Clash of Clans, despite there perhaps after sifting the entrails there being a few interesting game decisions, because it’s been (almost) scientifically designed to be an addicting product to maximize return to the investors, and that its game design is first and foremost about revenue generation. If Clash of Clans is the Chik-fil-A chicken sandwich, Ghost Recon Wildlands is like the crunchy cheesy gordita at Taco Bell; a less successful junk food, if perhaps in this case more expensive to make.


This game is hard, yo. I need some help.
ELGUAPODC on the Bone.


The radios were like a harass all you want buffet for AdRev. Fuck those guys


Buy a ps4 already!

Aargh! Been too long.


Agreed. But I had to pick XBox this generation because of my family/friends all chose it for online. I doubt I’ll have another PS until the PS5. Maybe I can switch back then. Do you have to pay for PS multiplayer online like MS?


Played online with my brother (a few states away) this weekend - and THAT was a LOT of fun. Very seamless online play, just he and I playing co-op together. We cracked each other up trying to steal and land a plane - we both have played a LOT of sims and the airplane controls simply baffle us (lots of crashes.) But it’s a nice open world for a couple of friends to explore and fight in and try to figure out how to best accomplish our goals. More than once we tried to stealth in and complete a tough mission, only to have one of us say “Oh SH^T - SORRY!!! RUN AWAY!!!”

One task that seems almost impossible is turning on a radio and protecting it from the hordes that come to destroy it. It doesn’t seem to take many hits to go blooey, and there just seem to be too many bad guys to keep them from hitting it. Tips?

Also - somewhere I saw something that said if you have your gun holstered, sometimes you’ll have natives give you information. Has anyone ever seen this happen?


Mine the heck out of the surrounding roads and building entrances before you start the radio. Remember that you can plant mines, restock ammo at the nearby supply locker, (there’s always one nearby) and keep planting mines over your skill allotment. I have no idea what the upper limit is, but I’ve mined the heck out of an area. Just be sure to leave enough room between the radio and the mines for you to maneuver and not blow up the radio.

Also, I keep the LMG in the secondary to take down choppers when they show up.


Yep! You sure do.


Other small arms can wreck choppers too, key is removing silencers. Even with the perk that lets damage stay decent while silenced, the penetration is cut way down. Remove them and an assault rifle can easily cut down a chopper.


You sure do what?


Have to pay for multiplayer access through PSN subscription just like Xbox Live.


So - can you ever find a normal citizen that has information if you don’t have your gun drawn? I thought I saw that somewhere.