Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


I’ve never seen it. The only villagers with info have been the ones specifically designated as informants on the map.


Yeah, pretty sure you whip the shit out of anyone who has info


I did a mission this morning where we were setting up an ambush on a road, laying mines, and aome civvies got exploded because they ran over them. I guess next time we will roadblock the road. I’ve also had civvies die in all kinds of awesome firefights… crossing the road in front of me while shooting it out, mortar casualty, one time a helicopter fell out of the sky and landed on one. I think the similarity of their movements to the enemy soldiers and the flight/hide and cower mechanic the developers made adds a lot to the game. In Far Cry 4, which has a very similar mechanic to this one, civilians were around but almost never in firefights directly. This game is way different, and I think it adds a nice layer of tactics to it.

I’ve gotten the “kill one more civilian and your mission fails” message but never actually failed a mission. Anyone notice any kind of pattern there? Does it reset a timer at one point? Seems like you have to kill a few in a row to get in trouble.

I kinda like how the original Merceneries handled it, with a fine. A severe consequence (like 1000 points of supplies) would ingrain the civilian sparing mission parameters even better.


I haven’t failed a mission yet by killing civilians, but I’ve failed a bunch of mission by accidentally killing someone I was supposed to only capture/interrogate.

Protip: The melee/rifle-butt swipe is considered a fatal attack every time. You have to actually “grab” the target. Hitting him always kills him.


The “naughty naughty don’t do that again” lecture seems good enough for this game. I think it would be irritating to fail missions due to some accidental civvy death or other. They seem to drop like flies in my game. Getting run over, mortared or mowed down by LMG fire. So far I have had the talking to but never an actual fail, which is good.


Well, it worries me enough that I watch it around civvies now, so I guess the gameplay mechanic did its job.

The other day I had a good one. There was a group of 4 bad guys strolling beside an open doorway, I was in an alley lining them all up with one intended gun burst. Right as I pull the trigger a civilian walks out of the doorway right into their group. I was able to kill 3 of them, hostage sniper style, but the last one was firing at me behind the civvie so he had to go.


There’s a new set of missions available for free called The Unidad Conspiracy. You have to claim it in the Rewards area of the game in the Uplay launcher. Beat all three missions and you get +5 skill points and the “El Commandante” rifle.


I still can’t win a “start the radio” mission. I put mines everywhere, start the radio up, then I have bad guys 360 around the radio firing at it (and it doesn’t take much to kill it) including sometimes choppers. Seems pretty impossible.


Have you tried calling rebels and wait for them to come? these missions are easy for me, when I call the rebels a horde of them come. Sometimes its trivial, sometimes I could fail If I rambo.


I tried calling them, but didn’t wait. I’ll try that.


The more I play this the more I like it. Anyone tried playing without the mini map? I think clearing towns would be much more intense that way.


I tried putting mines all around, putting a couple of vans next to the radio to protect it, and called rebels. They still killed the radio pretty quickly (overran me plus a chopper didn’t take long hitting the radio to kill it.)


You could do missions that improve your rebels, and if you are playing singleplayer, that improve your teammates.

The difficulty of this game is very uneven, sometimes you are a army-in-a-men, sometimes anybody can kill you before you have time to reload.


You need higher level friends to help (it’s very difficult solo) and you need grenade launchers. Those missions are almost impossible without explosives.


Yeah, even though I’m only level 13, I read somewhere the location of the GSR (or whatever it is) Sniper rifle was in a mine in a 5 skull province, and on solo with my AI teammates (and then later in co-op with my brother) and it was no problem. Just took my time, lots of scouting with the drone, etc. Then you have these turn on the radio missions where you’ve got 30 bad guys plus a chopper shooting at the radio which is just impossible. There’s no way to fight off cars full of bad guys coming at the radio in 360 degrees AND a chopper shooting it from above. My brother and I tried it yesterday - we surrounded the radio with 3 vans, mined every inch of the ground around us and on every road (though I never once heard a single mine explode) and I was using my grenade launcher and grenades, and yet I was getting shot from all around me, the radio was getting shot, and the chopper showed up and since it doesn’t take too many hits to kill the radio, it killed it almost instantaneously. I’ve just decided screw these missions.


So - what do people here feel are the best weapons? I use a sniper rifle a lot, and an assault gun with a grenade launcher. The sniper rifle I use is the MSR with the 4.5/5.5x scope (why would anyone use the 4.5x option?) and right now I’m using the AK-12 - I like the damage of the AK-47s but they appear to have no gunsmith options at all (I use silencers on everything and i can’t give up the grenade launcher - I love knocking choppers out of the sky with it!) It seems like the names weapons all have no Gunsmith options, and I can’t seem to find any assault weapon so far with better stats than my AK-12 with the options and grenade launcher.

What do you guys prefer?


I did grab the HTI sniper rifle, It loses a lot of it’s power with the suppressor on, so I use the MSR with the silencer as my pick off people sniper rifle, and the HTI as my one shot knock choppers out of the sky.

Also - once you get the purple Unidads chasing you when they get alerted at a base, do they EVER stop? My brother and I were just playing coop, and we were picking them off as they flooded through a field toward us, yet cars kept driving up and sending more, non stop, until we ran out of ammo.


From the beta, what I remember is that the purple unidads are the equivalent of the police in a GTA game, and the more you kill them, the higher stars you get, and the more trouble you get into. So the way to get the police off your back in GTA is to run away long enough that you start losing stars until the search is called off. I’m not sure if that’s the way it is in GRW, but that was my guess.


Yep, that’s exactly how Unidad works. If you keep engaging them they keep fighting. You have to evade and hide, like GTA or AssCreed.

Has anyone found a King Cobra (what they call Apache) in the game?


Yeah when I was inflitrating the main unidad base I saw one. Didnt fly it though as I was I supah stealth mode.