Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


We found one at a Unidad base playing coop yesterday where we found the MK17 assault rifle. We tried to take off in it but we were shot down with about 3 SAMs simultaneously from the same base. ;)


Yeah I found it at a helipad at the main Unidad base too. Unfortunately I made it within a few feet before it was taken out by mortars or some other explosion while still on the ground.

I spent almost all my resources upgrading so I’m doing convoy attacks and helicopter/plane thefts now. Pretty fun stuff. Still haven’t found out a great way to mine roads in solo mode without civvies casualties. With friends its much easier, you can have one guy on crowd control stopping traffic going the other way… like the world’s most dangerous road construction crew.


Narco Road comes to season pass owners next week.

  • 15 new campaign missions in which you have to race various vehicles to gain followers (really??) to impress three gang leaders that will lead you to El Invisible - a new head honcho.


Im still enjoying the basic (albeit repetitive) gameplay, and love the landscape. Still, I’ve hardly dented the narrative, so more vanilla missions, and racing (urk) is probably not going to convince me to crack open the wallet.


They’re not going to succeed at out-car’ing GTA Online. Driving sucks, car performance and damage is too simple to spend real Bolivaros on.

I think the only hope Wildlands has at competing with GTA Online is using the great environment to make some scripted/triggered competitive team vs team gameplay. Put one team defending the objective and the other team attacking it, instead of disposable AI. There could also be some “no icons” Junkgle Hunt stuff that in theory could be a lot of fun.


Still loving the base game, man this is BIG! I have to admit I am disappointed with this and Mafia III working on racing as an expansion. Who gives a shit? Give me more meta & core gameplay. I dont want to race stuff, if I did I would be playing forza.

Hell an extra 50 assassination missions or skirmish systems with some new weapons would have been much much better.


Is there any way to remove the orange and purple threat circles from the mini map without removing the whole thing? They have a lot of HUD options (good for them) but I can’t find that one. I want to try out a more immersive feel but would miss the mini map.

Also, grenade launchers in this feel just like the original GRAW. In fact the whole game kinda feels like multiplayer GRAW 2017. Some of the best teammate AI too. This is a great game.


I have a DLC idea. I’ll pay 2.99 for a skill point convoy raid. Make it as hard as you like, with APCs and shit.


Yeah, this first DLC looks like a dud. But, hopefully, the next one is better (at least it sounds more promising).


Man, I’m trying to do a main mission where you have to interrogate a guy who is traveling in a convoy (Aggressive Competition) and having a terrible time stopping the convoy. I landed my chopper in the middle of the road on the edge of a mountain ahead of the convoy, have my HST sniper rifle that is one shot kill for vehicles, and the chopper had traffic backed up but they magically somehow drove through everything and kept going (I did kill one convoy vehicle with my rifle but the rest just took off.) They crashed my chopper, so they got far enough away I got a mission failed/you died. Sucks, Must be an easier way to do this one.


I want to upgrade my Guns for hire to level 3, and it says to do Guns side missions to do that, but all they do is decrease the cool down time. How do I move up the actual level of the guns for hire?

Item 2: Missions where you have to protect something suck. I’ve mentioned the protect the radio missions: I put mines everywhere, have my grenade launcher, but I’ll be surrounded by bad guys firing non stop at the radio and me (plus in one case a chopper also) and I can’t keep myself alive much less the radio. Even worse, there’s a main mission that requires protecting a guy on a stage, and there are a ton of bad guys coming from every direction, even with mine spamming everywhere, and they take him down every time. I have tried it 4 times, same results every time. Things like this make me quit playing a game. :(


Have you tried the EMP drone? Does wonders for stopping convoy vehicles.


Need to level up and grab some more resources before I can get that. Does it stop them and keep them stopped once you stop the drone?

Speaking of resources, I can’t fly the plane in the game at all. I’ve flown every sim since FS1 on the Apple ][ but this one feels like it has random number generators controlling its motion.


New update. About 7GB.

As for planes… Sorry @JeffL. I have no help there. I can’t fly worth a damn in this game.


So what’s the answer on how to get Guns for Hire to level 3? all of the Guns missions I see just reduce the cooldown time.


Just keep doing them. After a few, the next one you do will be for the level bump, then you’ll get another dozen that only decrease the time, then another level bump.

All the rebel skills are like that.


Well crap, LOL! That means a LOT of those missions. I don’t have that many on the map! ;) Fortunately they are easy to do (grab the Scicario vs. guard the radio.)


This game is my WOW.


It really is great fun.


Yep, needs a pass to remove all telephone poles from the map before any racing gets done, also, I fucking hate racing in non racing games, even gta where it is decent.