Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


Oh, I guess this has been live for a few days. If you own AC: Black Flag, you can unlock this outfit and handgun.


Narco Road is really weird. It’s a separate campaign. Not integrated into the main map game at all. You have to create a new character, start from zero on guns, but you’re already set at level 20 and have some skills. Santa Blanca is “friendly” to you, and it’s a rival cartel that’s the enemy. Also, if you play SP, there are no AI companions.


I’m taking my sweet time with this, lazily sipping my Open World Colada while floating on my innertube down emergent gameplay creek. I’ve beaten most of the bosses and am unlocking the four main lieutenants now. I’m at Max level and upgraded most of what I want. Still having bite sized fun but feels like I’m near the endgame.


I’m starting to get a little burned out and I’m not very high level yet (14.) Still a lot of fun in co-op with a friend, but in single player, I’ve got the two best sniper rifles with a 6x scope, I’ve got an assault rifle fully tricked out, there aren’t a lot of skills I feel I haven’t got that really feel like must-haves. Still can’t fly a plane. Still can’t keep bad guys from killing radios I start up (any protect missions are a pain, even after mine spamming and calling for rebel help.) Just getting a feeling of seen it all.


The skill system is not great. After a couple of early unlocks, most of them are just filler. More grenades, more mines, faster revives, etc. The only ones that are really nice to get are some of the unique drone options like EMP, or the full bar for stamina which lets you run indefinitely. As it is, the game is completely playable from start to finish without putting a single point into anything. It would be a lot more challenging in the harder areas, but you can just sneak and snipe your way through the whole game if you’re patient.

And yeah, there really isn’t much variety after 10 ranks. You’ve probably seen it all if you’ve bopped around the map a bit.


You could play on extreme with no markers. Makes it much more immersive and, not to mention, much harder.


New patch


Is there a maximum number of mines you can lay down at any one time? I’m trying to defend (ugh - hate defend missions) a computer I’ve hacked, way underground, Unidad site, for the normal two minutes. I can get 4 mines at a time, so I lay 4 mines in front of one entrance, go back to an ammo cache, reload, put 4 mines in front of the second entrance, reload, put 4 down in front of the third entrance. But when i do that, 4 mines from one of the other two entrances disappear. I have tried it several times, but it looks like it will only let me lay down two full loads of mines?


Yeah all games have limitation like thst, especially with objects that will use computer cycles creating smoke, explosions, etc. Its typically done to prevent slowdown and frame rate drops. Same reason you can only create so many bullet holes before the first ones start disappearing.


The one thing I really liked about GRW is that there are some missions that require use of the drone in a surveillance capacity. You have to fly the drone into a window or over a meeting to spy on a target. In one memorable instance, you have to fly into a bedroom to get compromising footage of a drug runner and his mistress.

In contrast, the drone in Watch Dogs 2 is only ever used for marking enemies or unlocking access points. In a game that’s supposedly all about surveillance, you don’t actually use the drone to spy on anyone. Weird.


I think I’m already kinda burned out on the game now. I’m not really interested in the “story,” the AI companions have been repeating the same stories and comments forever, I look around and can’t really find much in terms of new guns or accessories I need (I have the two sniper rifles I wanted, nothing else seems better, and none of the assault guns seems to be better in stats than what I’m using, and I have all the best scopes.) I love the change in terrain from one province to another, but it has really become more of the same without anything really compelling to draw me back in. And I find some of the missions just plain tedious, such as stopping a convoy, trying to defend a radio with waves of bad guys and choppers shooting it, trying to drive a truck somewhere while being shot at and rammed, etc.

The only thing that draws me in is playing co-op with a friend.


Next DLC details released. This time, you start as level 30 and go up to 35. It takes place after the main game’s story.

Ubisoft seems determined to make the season pass DLC for this as terrible as possible.


Why is this one bad?


Well, I obviously don’t know about the quality for sure since it’s not out yet, but this DLC is going to do the same thing mechanically as the previous DLC. Instead of adding features to the main game, it splits off and treats the content as a separate thing. It even makes you create a new character.


Patch 4.


Anyone playing the latest expansion? I skipped the first as I don’t care much for racing in these games, but this one looks more interesting.


Last I checked Wildlands was out of the top 100 Steam games being played. Can’t tell on consoles of course.


PvP details:

Ubi just missed the Battle Royale opportunity here. Ghost Recon Wildlands seems perfect for some variant of that game mode.


Free weekend for this. Uplay.


I picked up the Gold version for 50% off this weekend. Playing on PC.

It’s an amazing game, technically. Gorgeous graphics, huge world, and the character/paperdoll system is one of the best I’ve ever see. It’s sort of insane that The Division, another Ubisoft shooter, has a completely shit character creation system in comparison.

They’ve obviously fixed a lot of the bugs and polished the controls. Single-player is okay at best. It’s GTA with a paramilitary veneer. Trying some co-op and it has potential if you can find a good group.

Haven’t touched Ghost War yet. Apparently, they completely broke the pvp multiplayer by introducing thermal vision that was not tested at all in the Ghost War beta. It’s overpowered as hell (it is literally in-game wallhack; you can be hiding in the bushes and someone can see and snipe you from hundreds of meters away). It’s so bad that Ubisoft is rushing a temporary fix, and a complete rebalance in the next patch. But it’s completely bonkers that someone thought that this was a good idea in the first place. At least test it in beta before you roll it out to the entire community.