Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


The free weekend ended already? Which timezone is that :/


It sure is. It’s crazy that Ubisoft didn’t think that one through.

I spent a few hours playing Ghost War, and for a free update to the game, it’s okay, but it’s a bit of an unbalanced mess. I wouldn’t purchase Wildlands specifically to play Ghost War mode, but it’s a neat PvP addition for people that enjoy the core game.

Gravel Pit is probably one of the worst multiplayer maps ever.

One side gets a beeline jog to some choice sniper spots, while the other side gets to run out in the open and get hammered. Just awful.


Halloween event.


I absolutely love this game, but thermals and quarry are the devil. It’s also amazing how many people defend both of them.


The Halloween event was super lame, but I’m glad it made me hop back in. I enjoy the heck out of this game, even if it’s a tad repetitive.

I don’t know how the heck I’d have figured out the challenge without the Internet though. Unless there were obvious clues, seems impossible unless you’re a kid who plays 100 hours a week.


Title update today

It’s mostly 4K/HDR stuff for Xbox One X, but there are some general fixes for PS4 and PCs.


I’m sort of bewildered at how the PC patch is 11 GBs large when it’s almost all bug fixes.


That’s Uplay. Every one of their patches have been that size. The Steam patch is smaller. It’s still stupidly large, but they were able to cut a couple of GBs.



New update. It’s mostly Ghost War additions like a new mode and Disruptor class.

Ubisoft has released a road map of Ghost war content.

The big news is that they’re going to start offering a “Ghost War Pass” for $15. It’s a separate season pass type deal for Ghost War only.

This premium membership will instantly unlock every new class added to Ghost War with an exclusive seven-day early access. Current season pass owners will get the same benefits. At the end of each early access period, all other players will be able to unlock new classes with prestige credits earned through progression or by purchasing them in the in-game store.


Just cruising round in the single player trial having a great time with this. Probably more so than in Assassin Origins which I also have on the go. It’s interesting seeing how things develop and are shared across the Ubi series. When you see a bunch of flamingos take wing from a Bolivian lake you recognise their great grandmas from back on the Nile.


Bought the full game. Still playing it. Loving it. 10 times more enjoyable than throwbacks like Wolfenstein.


Yeah, this is a good game. I beat everyone but the last El Sueno mission because… I don’t want to spoil but it changes the game. I’m still having fun tooling around and replaying missions. Love calling in giant groups of rebels to help me out. And loooove the gun porn.


I don’t care about guns but looooove Boliva.



To me PvP seems to de-emphasise the setting a bit too much. Do any of the modes let you travel around?


No, but it’s actually pretty good. It’s not just running around like Battlefield, COD, etc. A lot of slow creeping up, covering fire, suppression, and tactical play. Feels like old school GRAW PvP. The ability to heal/revive team members also makes it different (everyone has revive, it’s not a class specific ability).

I wouldnt buy it just for that game mode, but it’s a nice change of pace from run and gun.




Oh no way :)

I was just thinking they should do an actual SF Far Cry.


Well, that’s one way to get me to reinstall!