Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


It looks really good to me, but like @Rock8man, I keep forgetting this is actually coming out in March.


Beta signups have started:


There’s no such thing as too much.


I’ve become something of an Ubifan. It’s the art. They just know how to draw places.


This is a cute (if a little gory) trailer that I think is going to be more fun if you start at the point I mark in the link (I don’t get why they put the first part in and then let it ruin the reveal, even if you know the reveal is coming because duh, it’s a Ghost Recon trailer, why make us watch the same few seconds a second time?)



Remember when The Division got that goofball live-action show/web series? They’re doing something similar for this.

Due to release on February 16, War Within The Cartel is being produced in collaboration with Twitch – where it will premiere in a streaming event on Ubisoft’s channel – and Amazon, where it will be available on demand after its Twitch premiere. Helmed by Executive Producer Roberto Orci – screenwriter of the 2009 Star Trek film, as well as Transformers and The Amazing Spider-Man – War Within The Cartel also features the acting talents of Tip “T.I.” Harris, who portrays a Santa Blanca member named Marcus.[/quote]



Single player gameplay.

This actually looks really good.


I do like the look of that. I can see playing missions like that in co-op would be a blast too.


I wonder how much of that “narrative” is going to be there. Is every mission going to have custom dialogue and stuff?
It looks like a realworld-yet-popcorn version of MGS5. Which could potentially be fun. But seeing that map honestly feels daunting.


“This enemy could alert the rest of the camp. Let’s do something creative to keep that from happening” -> Fires half a dozen rounds into the back of said enemy.


The part that really concerned me was when he gave his AI team the order to “move up” through the enemy camp to join him near his rooftop vantage. I imagine in regular gameplay, that’s going to be a source of frustration as your boneheaded team bumbles through and alerts every patrol.


The video made me more interested in playing ARMA3. But maybe it is still ‘beta’.


This is the part of the game that really makes me apprehensive. So far, most of the game’s marketing has been centered on the wacky GTA Online-ish co-op. Almost any game is more engaging in co-op with buddies. I need to know more about the single player.

Wrecking through Wildland’s approximation of Bolivia, all rolling hills, spiky mountain ranges and expansive lagunas, there’s the same kick you get from GTA Online only this time infused with a sharp blast of country air. It’s refreshing stuff, all the more so when you realise how much freedom you’re afforded. You’re able to take on each objective any way you please, and there’s the same kind of freewheeling fun that can be found in Ubisoft’s equally expansive and somewhat under-appreciated The Crew.

Players can split up and search any corner of the map before coming together to tackle missions anyway they please. Bring a knife to a gun fight, or maybe just a helicopter to a heavily armed encampment before all parachuting out and delivering some delicious death from above. Played with friends, this should be a frequently hilarious game; a co-op Just Cause with some extra direction to its chaos.[/quote]


Agreed. Co-op play represents a very small fraction of what I do with a game. Perhaps the overall percentage is higher than I think, given the success of games like R6 Siege, and to a smaller extent, The Division.


It’s supposed to be exactly the same, except with 3 AI companions (with an order system) instead of 3 friends. Or the other way around: the coop experience is just the single player with friends.


Not really. The difference between co-op with buddies and using the AI team will be night and day. It may the same missions, but the open-world execution of those missions is nothing alike depending on whether you link up with friends or go solo.

Compare the single player video example to this:

One plays like a co-op Just Cause or GTA Online with wacky shenanigans, explosions, and BOOYAH ACTION, while the other looks more like jungle Watch Dogs 2 with more gunplay.


Honestly I feel it will boil down to how your group likes to play. I don’t see a reason why the co-op couldn’t follow the same style as the single player video. But yeah the chances that your mission will go to shit due to a human partner rather than your AI men is pretty high lol.



You know what I mean. The content, the missions, the combat, it’s all the same. The experience will be different.
This is not rocket science, we played already previous Ghost Recons and Rainbow Sixes with AI mates, that also could be replaced with humans. We can extrapolate from there.

They already shown the previous single player video, 20 minutes. I doubt they will show more than that.


I disagree. Take something like the Rainbow Six games in co-op versus sp. The flavor of gameplay isn’t much different. Whether you’re in co-op or managing things lone wolf, the experience is similar because the game’s structure doesn’t offer a wide-open field of approach and the toys to execute your missions aren’t as varied. There will be isolated moments of OMGWTF with your buddy because people do crazy things, but it’s not hijacking a bulldozer while another person parachutes onto a rooftop crazy.

Just from these two videos, the gameplay is completely different. One is stealthily creeping through a base, managing your team, and taking out enemies in a carefully measured way. The other is YouTube lulz. I’m assuming they offer ways for SP players to go in guns blazing, but so far they’ve kept that approach to the MP previews.

I want to know what the sp experience will be overall. How do missions get doled out? Is it AC:Unity here’s a map with a bajaillion icons, go for it? Is it AC: Syndicate here’s a map and as you clear icons, we’ll add more? Is it Watch Dogs 2, here’s a map full of stuff, but there’s really not a great variety of things to do despite that?


Beta impressions so far:

  1. Graphics are good. They’re not mind-blowing or anything, but everything looks nice. The open, and I mean completely wide open, terrain is pretty great. FPS is respectable. I’m getting 45-65 fps at 1080p depending on what’s going on around me. Like Watch Dogs 2, I expect that will get better with a performance patch.

  2. Initial character customization is better than The Division. Lots of clothing and accessory options. Faces are serviceable. The game locks down the face and gender after the initial creation, but you can hop into the character menu during the game and change clothes whenever you want. (Caveat: I have not tried during a firefight.) I expect tons of optional cosmetic DLC eventually. See Watch Dogs 2 for examples.

  3. Friendly AI behavior is barely passable. Don’t expect a lot of intelligence from your AI team. You tell them where to go and they will beeline there. They will shoot baddies. They will stop if you tell them to stop. That’s as good as it gets. You can set up coordinated shots by tagging bad guys and your team will hold their shots until you fire. It works, but it’s kind of clumsy and you’re better off just killing everyone on your own with a silenced weapon from what I can tell. Going solo guns blazing is a great way to get killed quickly.

  4. As I suspected, this game is completely different in co-op. While stealthy, careful play is the order of the day solo, in MP it’s gonzo explosion time. Teaming up and blasting into a bad guy stronghold in a stolen SUV, throwing grenades, and pushing lead everywhere is a laugh. If you played Far Cry 4 co-op, that’s what this feels like.

  5. Speaking of Far Cry 4, that’s what the cartel bases remind me of. They’re pretty cookie-cutter. Always a couple dudes patrolling. A couple snipers on watchtowers or roofs. A dozen stationary baddies standing around. The only reason it’s any challenge is due to the poor AI on your team. I think you can change the difficulty so enemies can kill you in one shot, but I haven’t tried it yet. It frankly sounds like that would be more frustrating than challenging.

  6. Driving is not great. Small map protrusions like a rock in the road will send your car or motorcycle flying like it hit a dynamite cache. It’s clunky.

  7. Shooting, and thank goodness for this, does feel good. Better than The Division IMHO. It’s not as crisp as a dedicated first-person shooter like Call of Duty, but it’s really good. Weapons are responsive and accurate. There’s a ton of customization here too. (Gun porn guys will go nuts for this.) The way the aim goes from third person to FPS mode in ADS is very slick. There’s a setting to turn that off and stay in third-person too.

TL;DR: Great customization. Made for co-op shenanigans. SP is okay.