Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs

The “conquer” the map mode on breakpoint is worth a run. I enjoy the upgraded ui and tech of breakpoint with the AI squadmates.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot. It has been ages since I last played Breakpoint and perhaps it has improved (other than those NFT BS)…

Enjoying the living hell out of Wildlands and decided to invest a whole $4 dollars for the fallen ghosts expansion.

I don’t know what the proper term is for it, “emergent gameplay” perhaps, but this one constantly impresses with creative and wildly entertaining scenarios based on how we play. Can’t ask for much more in an open world game.

Also, the shits n giggles factor in this one is through the roof. The ability to drive motorcycles up and down mountains, combined with coop shenanigans have had us laughing harder than I can remember. Truly a gem, and I’m glad the steam sale highlighted it.

Yep, pretty much!

Thus its so surprising that Ubi hasn’t managed to iterate that formula successfully - its been 7 years since its release. Breakpoint from 2019 was more serious and grindy and just didn’t have the same flair - they learned the wrong lessons from Wildlands (at least from a players perspektive, can’t speak to its profitability).

Both are hugely entertaining, especially if you don’t think too hard about them. Even Breakpoint, in its current iteration, is worth playing. The setting isn’t as well-rooted as Bolivia but it is pretty and has (bizarrely sometimes) a lot of terrain/biome variation. The shooty bits work very well too, though the metastructure is meh and the actual buildings/locations are largely meh as well.

Do these games actually open in Steam now? Or does pressing “Play” in Steam just open Ubi’s client?

Ubi’s client.

I bought Wildlands due to the sale, and was so impressed at the gameplay loop after starting the first couple hours, I bought the one DLC pack that was recommended (Ghosts something?) and Breakpoint’s 15$ edition (that comes with the season pass)

Game is right up my alley. Would love to find some squadmates to play co-op, otherwise plugging through in SP was fun, AI squad works just fine. Reminds me a bit of the old Rainbow 6 games with the AI squad.

When you start the game, it flashes a ubi client window but opens without any extra intervention.

So yes, the game opens from steam now.

Does it make you install the Ubi client? I had to install the Ubi client to try out Xdefiant, so I already had it installed. I didn’t check my processes to see if it started the Ubi client in the background though. It appeared to require it for me, at least.

I believe you link steam to your ubi account or something like that?

It all went by fast and seamlessly for me, so I’m not sure. Ultimately, I double click the icon, or start the game from steam and it goes directly into the game.

Fair enough, I linked my steam/ubi like years ago. I just know when it starts, it pops up the Ubi connect screen for a bit to “sync”. So it might require it? But I don’t know because I already have all that stuff connected up.

Worst case scenario, you buy it, and it does require it, you can get a steam refund.

I’d say the answer to @Mr_Bismarck question is both yes and no.

Yes, you need an ubi account and you need to link it to steam.
No, you do not need to open the game with ubi tools. You can open directly from steam.

Which answer is most relevant depends on where his concern is.

So when I press “PLAY” in Steam it just plays immediately. It doesn’t open a Ubi client and then play?

I own [Submarine Game] and [Motorcycle Game] on Steam and got bored of the Play button actually being a “Launch Ubisoft Connect” button.

When you open from steam, it starts ubi services, logs you in and then starts the game. Services are used for multiplayer and afaik mandatory.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple times! I appreciate it.

Sure thing. Now go buy it! $5 is a total nobrainer, and it’s the only modern Ubi game I really respect.

They did capture much of the old Ghost Recon gameplay, down to the chunk when you hit, and the one shot one kill.

I already own (via Ubi) whichever one is set in Bolivia… I just never play it any more because I don’t have Connect installed.

That’s this one. Wildlands.

Breakpoint was 5 years ago. It would be nice to see a new one.