Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


The worst for me was the helicopter handling. It’s impossible to use the go up/go down buttons while you are using the other controls, who knows why. Also the choppers with guns doesn’t have a reticle or anything else to aim, and in fact you can’t bank the chopper enough to aim to the ground properly, so the guns are worthless, lol.


I think that’s true of real helicopters too :) You’re supposed to have your buddies on the guns. I haven’t noticed climb and drop not working, but heli handling in general seemed a bit weird. Driving was fine once I switched to gamepad for vehicles. The only bug I’ve seen was a weapon rendered a few feet from the person carrying it, and a couple of ground textures staying low res for a while when close up.

This is the Dunia engine, so it must be pretty mature tech by now… I guess the MP aspect has required reworking it.


According to Wikipedia, it’s AnvilNext, not Dunia. Anvil was built for the Assassin’s Creed games. Dunia is an offshoot of Cryengine.


IIRC, AnvilNext is Ubisoft’s attempt at a Frostbite - one in-house engine for everything.


It feels pretty much like Far Cry 4, which is the sum total of my knowledge.


Yeah, EA’s really starting to embrace Frostbite company wide. The next Madden will switch to Frostbite.


I wish you could look around while waiting for someone to revive you…


Open Beta started. Ubisoft tweaked a few things and opened another sector/chapter of the map for exploration once you finish the initial area from the closed beta.


I started the download on Xbox before I left for work. I’m looking forward to trying it tonight.


I’ll be downloading it tonight when I get back from Ohio. Gonna jam on some of this in coop. Who is with me? I imagine I’ll do PC. I don’t remember my uplay name, I’ll go figure it out


Played a little PC open beta, seems helicopter control are really bad or not changed since closed beta, I can’t figure out how to move forward with decent speed, I press RT to rises up in the air, and then when I tilt the stick forward, it just move really really slowly… :( Otherwise, seems OKish, typical UBI open world game with lots of icons on map.


I’m firmly convinced that the developers cared primarily about co-op GTA Online YouTuber LULZ style gameplay, and woe be to you if you play alone.

It’s decent in SP for a couple of hours, but once you realize the game consists of infiltrating 1000 generic bases, it gets old really quick. You need co-op buddies to squeeze variety out of it.

Also, vehicle handling is shitty.


Downloading, mostly for the graphics and just to try it out. I like stealth games, maybe it will be fun for those few hours at least.


I completely agree with Telefrog. It gets boring real quick if you’re playing solo, but co-op can be fun and, yeah, the vehicle handling is atrocious.


Ok, so my uplay is JVMcMaster


I have to admit, I’m really impressed so far.

The physical layout and geography of Bolivia feels different from every other open world game I’ve played. At first I thought it would be like Far Cry 4, but the sense of scale or something feels way better than in that game.

I was playing on extreme difficulty, and I kind of like it. I’m lethal and the enemy is lethal too. So as long as I get the drop on people, it’s really satisfying to wipe them out with the help of AI teammates. Just sync up two targets and then shoot a third target. That way the fight starts with three dead enemies. But sometimes things go south and the enemy gets reinforcements from unexpected directions, which can lead to a quick death.

Vehicle handling does seem very floaty. But at least handling sucks more in the same direction that it sucks in GTA V. In other words, it sucks in the favor of players being able to magically make the vehicle do what they want, despite physics. That’s at least preferable to the Watch Dogs method of sucking where the poor handling works against the players.

I did enjoy the helicopter controls. Intuitive. When I took off and flew around in a plane though, it was a lot harder to line up and land in a plane. I crashed it and failed that secondary mission. I had a lot of laughing at my own hijinx though.


Played some more, finally the helicopter control clicked, I was able to fly it with ease, but the control for plane is really bad, as there is no rudder to change direction, so you have to bank the plane, unless I miss the rudder key somewhere.

It has been fun so far, and the new area is very tough especially if you are playing solo and play it at highest difficulty, but when you pull the mission off, it feels very satisfying, I love the sync shot skill from the AI teammates, auto kill FTW.

Performance wise, I get around 50-60fps on very high setting with couple features turn to ultra, playing 1440P (i7 5820K, 16GB RAM, 1070GTX), but I noticed that every time when the game auto saves, it just microstutters, also the game auto saves a lot when you travel around the map.


This is the worst voice-acting I’ve heard in a AAA game in a really long time. It’s goddamn embarrassing.

Also, this may literally have the worst in-game radio station ever. I can’t even tell if it’s supposed to be bad on purpose as some kind of commentary on media control in a criminal oligarchy or if Ubisoft Paris just stopped giving a shit.

Also, Bolivia is amazing. I never knew they had helicopters every few hundred feet just scattered around the countryside.


I think my favorite part so far is just crossing the countryside on foot instead of taking the roads and encountering all these footpaths and seeing those locals use those footpaths to travel from place to place. It really makes even the countryside seem very lively and real.


Tried it on the PS4.

  • Helicopter controls are … are there even controls? They felt just… almost random
  • Camera jumping from left to right shoulder at ‘random’ was really annoying
  • AI team mates doing who knows what at times, seems like it could make for a really terrible singleplayer experience
  • “Leaving MIssion Area”… Maybe a DEMO thing, or is this how the open world shooter is?
  • “aiming” controls seemed a bit off… Maybe just need to get used to it, but the aiming in Destiny seems more smooth

Nice graphics and explosions I suppose.

  • Returning to an area you had already been only to see the chopper on the top of the gas station + the station itself have respawned with enemies … Oh well, nothing we haven’t seen before… and maybe it respawns when you die (cant remember if I did or not… so many times).

Probably a nice playthrough game, but you’ll probably have to resort to doing it online or your AI team mates will get you killed - and with all the extra crap on the PC title, no way I’ll get it on that platform.

TL;DR; Recommendation to Ubisoft - Delay the release to fix these issues - Throw in some extra dlc shit to appease those who WANT IT ON DAY ONE GOD DAMN IT.