Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


Finished open beta story missions, overall feeling is meh…

Co-op is fun, single player not so much. Shooting part is good, driving and flying not so much, as in you can drive van up a steep hill fast, so no vehicle physics. AI teammates are OK only because the sync shots. otherwise, they have no clue, especially in the confined space, due to you can’t really use sync shots in CQB, but they are good for distraction, all you need to do is send them to lure enemy fire, and that will let you flank. Enemy AI seems to be reasonable if you don’t abuse the system, as they will investigate the shots if bodies are found, but due to bodies disappears after few seconds, many times the alarm will not be rised, in open area, you can abuse this to line up sync shots, then scoot to another hide spot and sync shot again, rinse and repeat, you don’t even have to fire a shot, you can clean out stronghold with AI sync shots only with this.


I’m starting to think extreme difficulty is just a tad too hard. The fact that you can spend half an hour to take over a base, and then get killed by the single guy left in there, only to have to start over from a checkpoint with the whole base repopulated, it’s nice and hardcore, but a little frustrating.


I tried this in co-op last night. The comments upthread about this being a different game in co-op were spot on. Sadly, I hated the co-op experience. Basically, your 3 highly competent and obedient AI teammates are replaced with one (to three) much less competent friend who is not going to follow orders. At all. And you’re both going to die repeatedly.

So yeah, I had a terrible time in co-op overall. I much prefer the single player.


Don’t sounds like a problem you will have with friends or a problem you may have once the game population know the game better. Like… something like what you describe is probably what happened with Destiny at release. But people where young and naive, in their level 7 character undergeared for sepikis.


Sorry, I didn’t have time to go into details this morning. I will now elaborate.

When I was driving a humvee with a minigun mounted to the top, my friend had a lot of trouble getting in. He could get into the back seat and change seats between the two back seats, but not get up to the top. When he finally did get in the gunner’s seat, on my screen he was just standing on the roof. So when I accelerated, he fell off the roof. Then he would warp back to the roof, standing there, and then fall off again. Repeatedly. This stopped being funny after the first 30 seconds.

Not only could I not see him fire the weapon (though the game occasionally would pop in the results of the destruction he was causing), I also couldn’t see it when he was down and needed reviving. And he couldn’t see me either. None of us got a message or were shown in any way that the partner was down, and we had to do all the work by telling each other over the microphone. Sometimes I would run him over with the vehicle on his screen, but on my screen I just backed up so he was close to me. On his screen I had run him over and he was underneath my vehicle. He finally told me needed reviving and had 5 seconds left. I quickly got out and went to the person standing behind my vehicle and pressed the revive button. Suddenly he was on the ground and I was reviving him. Phew.

Anyway, it was a mess in so many ways that I’m even forgetting right now. It was not an enjoyable coop experience.


Weird, we probably played 10-15 hours over the weekend and never experienced anything like that.

He couldn’t tell you? Co-op in this game without voice chat is pointless.


He did tell me, sometimes. Once we realized that the HUD was not going to tell us, like we had both assumed, we both started telling each other when we were down and we also tried to always stick closer together. But it added to the feeling that coop was an afterthought when you can’t even put a HUD indicator to show your partner is down. From that other thread that Telefrog started, I’m of the opinion that a good co-op experience needs to be designed. Every game doesn’t just become better with co-op.

I don’t know, I don’t want to bring down the party here with too much negativity anyway. The world of Bolivia they’ve created is a very nice one. I love all the foot traffic between little towns as the native civilians walk from place to place. I love the trees and the rivers and mountains. It’s a very pleasant world to explore.


What you describe is a game in alpha state no way near release date.


Similarly to Brakara, we’ve also played over 12 hours of coop with my friends and have never experienced any of the (weird!) issues you are describing. I wouldn’t get discouraged, most likely the servers crapped out on you at the time when you were trying coop or some other desync bug happened.

My friends also played with other their friends and I heard no reports of glitches like that. I guess you are lucky! :)

And yes, there is a HUD indicator that your friend is down. :)

Also, going together in a truck, helicopter or APC raining fire around you (and eventually running away from tons of Unidad helicopters and soldiers) is A LOT of fun in coop.

Coop definitely doesn’t seem to be an afterthought in this game, in fact it seems to be the main feature.


I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the case. In co-op, the game can be a crazy multiplayer GTA-style emergent chaos romp, or it can be a tactical, squad comms Arma-lite. In single player the game is a relentlessly boring grind.




But we do have news about a free PvP update!

The Ghosts are ready to take on the Santa Blanca drug cartel on March 7, but their mission in the wilderness won’t end there – a free PvP update (featuring 4v4 team combat) is coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands after launch, along with two major paid expansions: Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts. In Narco Road, you must infiltrate a gang of smugglers and earn their leader’s trust by competing in races and challenges. Yes, you have to take them down…from the inside! Fallen Ghosts, the second major expansion for Wildlands, has your squad running from their downed helicopter to escape some powerful new enemies that are hot on their trail.

Season pass owners will receive one week early access to both expansions, as well as access to The Unidad Conspiracy Missions, The Peruvian Connection Pack, an exclusive Bolivian Minibus vehicle, and equipment packs that include outfits inspired by the Katari 26 rebels, the Unidad, and the Santa Blanca. These three themed packs also include weapons, such as an AK-47 equipped with a larger magazine, a Unidad LMG with a red dot scope and larger magazine, and the Santa Blanca golden M1911, respectively.

Finally, the Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass comes with a host of bonuses. Owners will receive a permanent 5% XP booster; a single-use two hour XP booster that gives a 50% boost to you and a 25% boost to players in your session; and a Ghost Recon Credits Pack with 800 credits. Additional credits can be purchased at any time to spend on cosmetic items, XP boosts, and weapons comparable to those you can find through normal gameplay.[/quote]


NVIDIA GameWorks yada yada…


This sort of scratches an itch that isn’t particularly itchy. I like using the drone and it’s sort of fun riding shotgun into some baddies and shootering them up.

There’s a weird place for certain B games where a game that’s just mostly ok and doesnt require you to to be completely invested in it is sometimes fun. Fun-ish. It’s sort of like a decent side game if you don’t want to go all in on a better game.


I bought this for much the same reason Endigm alludes to… It’s a relaxing diversion through familiar mechanics in a new, and seemingly well realized game environment. Also, it looks like it’ll be fun to co-op with the occasional Qt3’er.

There are some Qt3’ers getting this on PC aren’t there…? :)

Feel free to friend me up, I’m monofurioso on Uplay!

PS: I’m thoroughly mediocre at shooters and can only play in rare moments when family obligations die down, so… the ideal co-op buddy to rely upon!


I don’t usually pre-order games on Steam, so I was surprised to find out it had to do a 60 minutes update when I pressed play this morning, even though I had pre-loaded the game already. Why couldn’t it automatically do this “update” before the release time?

My only other pre-order experience is from Xbox One, where it just works when it’s supposed to work.


The Ghost Recon Wildlands app on iOS and Android is the usual second-screen stuff like stat-checking, PR announcements, and a way to connect and check the in-game map in your game on your phone or tablet. (Is looking at the map without bringing it up in-game really something people need while playing? I can’t think of an instance in which pulling out my phone to check the map would be more convenient than using the in-game map.) Anyway, buried in the app is a Guerrilla Game that lets you send agents out on missions to collect resources for your main game. It’s a lot like the assassin brotherhood missions in Assassin’s Creed 3. Pick an agent, send him or her to a location on the map, wait, collect stuff. Repeat. It’s bog-standard boring stuff that you can do to get a drip-feed of gas or ammo for your actual GRW campaign. Not really worth the effort of checking in.

What sets it apart from previous Ubi mobile efforts is the hilariously bad dialogue text. You’re supposed to be Karen Bowman, the handler in the main game, working with Bolivian rebels, and the interactions are the clumsiest, wooden, laughably stereotypical Tom Clancy gruff military ops garbage. Bowman is all no-nonsense business, but with a heart of gold, while every Bolivian peppers their speech with “Mucho gusto!” and “Muy bien!” between their mission reports.

But hey, you can unlock some camo and guns for the main game by just starting it at least once and connecting.


Mayyyyybe. Looking at the in-game map in Far Cry 2 without pausing the game and going out of the world set it apart from the Far Cry games that followed (among other things). Maybe you can get a similar experience with your phone, never pausing the game to go an ingame map but seeing it on a second screen instead. That strikes me as super awkward though. Especially if you need any of your fingers away from the controller to either hold the phone or to adjust the map on the phone.


I liked having it in Fallout 4, just set up the iPad on my desk under the TV.


Played yesterday somewhat.

  • I like that is hard.
  • When you fail a mission, the map reload for no reasons.
  • Everything looks “grainy” in the PS4 version. I guest this game have more polys than the PS4 can handle so AA is off or some other technical thing.
  • I hate the purple guys, apparently are infinite.
  • Nobody know what the hell are we doing in the coop or what the hell are we supposed to do.

Is a undercooked game, but in a world with a lot of “Preview access open world sandbox games” thats the standard.

  • Fly control are hard to understand. Maybe is too soon to say they are bad. They are weird.
  • Missions could be better.

I am looking forward for the 1.0 version in a year or two after 3 DLC.

I like it and had a lot of fun, but in a chaotic way and I did not understood what I was doing.