Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


high five :)


I don’t have much to say about this game other than I am terrible at it. Everything seems to work against me, the camera, the aiming, the vehicle controls . . .


Protip: One of the rebel abilities you can unlock is the Vehicle Drop-off, which lets you ask for a vehicle, and the rebels will spawn one near you. YOU MAY NOT WANT TO UPGRADE THIS PAST LEVEL 2!

At level 2 you get a armored combat truck with a minigun on top. At level 3 you get an unarmed helicopter like the kind you find everywhere in faux Bolivia.


But using helicopter to travel is so much faster, given the faux Bolivia is vast, beside I suck at aiming with the armed helicopter, I just can’t really hit anything even I’m in those Unidad cobra gunship. Plus I hate driving in this game, except maybe APC.


Come on, really? Am I the only one that’s going to comment on the world class AWFUL voice acting in this game? :P


TF has you covered!


For a game that’s getting a critical ‘meh’ a lot of people seem to be playing it…


I’ll fully admit that it’s co-op that’s hooked me, but I totally dig GRW. The game is definitely tedious and repetitive if you’re going solo w/ bots. I actually still enjoy the process of sneaking around and finding a method to clear an enemy base, but it’s nothing new.

I’d say the beauty of the engine, landscape, and weather, when combined w/ the dead simple drop in/out co-op is what makes this particular game attractive.

Of course, playing w/ Tom, McMaster and McWolfe the other night was a total blast. The fact that the game strongly calls for stealth and tactical considerations, and in co-op you’re usually far less patient created a lot of fun moments (ie team wipes). Getting Tokyo-Drifted to death repeatedly adds to the allure!


Second only to The Division for TC game launch sales. Go figure.


Where did Eurogamer get this list?

Edit: I think it’s this, which is UK only.


Man, that drift was something else.

I wish I had also been streaming because Wolfe and I had some intense adventures while Tom was going all solo commando out in the woods.


I would like to set aside some time and give my heartfelt thanks to the Ghost Recon Wildlands writers that thought I would like to listen to a recording of people discussing a dead man’s genitals. “Like a chorizo covered in dog hair!” is going to live with me for some time.


It’s such a weird mixed bag. Some of it, like where they’re talking about food they like or what they want to do when they get home, etc, is fine and kind of a nice touch. Then there’s the rest of it.

First, there’s a creepy conversation that’s somewhat awestruck of good torturers

Second, if I hear “AND BABY MAKES 3” again I’m going to fucking lose it


That really struck me in Friday night’s stream. Even though Tom had the details turned down for the stream apparently, it was still a really good looking game. And as you say, the weather and landscape had a lot to do with that. When you guys were laying that ambush for the convoy with the leader you had to capture, and you bought a vehicle, the vehicle had headlights on in the rain at night, and it gave that particular setup a unique feel you don’t normally see, like when you were later doing that same mission in the daytime in clear weather.

I also like how you were sliding all over the place in the vehicles when the roads were slick from the rain.

I do wish they had better driving, but still, at least they do have little touches like that. I always joked that in GTA V you could stop instantaneously when you hit the brakes, but this game carries that to an extreme when you’re landing a plane. You really can land and stop almost instantaneously. It turns out GTA V did still have a little bit of braking time!




I generally dislike stealth games, but for some reason I love playing stealthy in this game. Maybe because it’s entirely optional and lacks the “chores” associated with those games, like hiding bodies and recognizing AI patterns? But this is the most stealth fun I’ve had since Far Cry 2 (another rough diamond).


Just started, maybe level 4, just cleared the casino and a resort. Haven’t had a chance to play co op with my brother (which is why I bought it.) So just playing with the AI.

I play stealthy as much as I can. Some things I cant quite figure out yet :

  1. How to fly. I have flown every flight sim in the world, both planes and choppers, and I can’t get the chopper or a simple plane to go where I want. I’ve stolen the same little plane 3 times, and every time crashed it just trying to make a simple gentle turn or even keep it flying level.

  2. How do you keep the bad guys from calling reinforcements?

  3. I invaded a resort, one of the early missions, and my drone was jammed. I could t find a jammer anywhere. What do they look like? I’m still in the resort and completed the mission so I can look around easily now.

4 If you pick up a weapon is it permanently added to your load out options? And is there an easy way to compare it to your current weapon before picking it up?


It’s a really weird and mostly terrible flight model. The planes don’t have rudders, but you don’t use planes a lot. The helicopters want to use the triggers as the collective to control altitude and the stick as the cyclic to control pitch. But it doesn’t work like any helicopter sim I’ve ever played. In practice, the controls don’t combine like they would in a real – er, I mean, sim – helicopter. So rather than applying more lift while pitching down to create forward motion, you instead have to kind of dive until the game decides, yeah, okay, I guess you want to move forward instead of dive now, so Imma move you forward. It’s hard to get used to. It’s a particular pain in the ass when you have to dodge SAMs.

Shoot the power module on the alarm tower. Although I think some bad guys use flares. I’ve definitely seen flares go off – and not ones i fired! – but it could have been rebels.

Jammers basically look like every portable radar you’ve ever blown up in a videogame. You can’t miss it. Your binoculars should tag it.

No and no. The weapon collection, equipping, and progression is really screwy in this game.



Yup. I’ve seen about a million basic “SMG-11” submachine guns dropped by gang members, but if I want one in my inventory, I have to go find the one particular instance out in the world.


I can’t keep this dumb Union Leader alive in Tabacal’s Freedom of Speech mission. The bots are kinda useless.