Ghost Recon Wildlands lets Sam Fisher say goodbye to a friendly rival

Title Ghost Recon Wildlands lets Sam Fisher say goodbye to a friendly rival
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When April 11, 2018

Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is in Ghost Recon Wildlands…

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Lets hope that Ironside is back for the next Splinter Cell game.

The practical part of my brain says that is would just be silly to bring back a guy like Michael Ironside for a few lines in a side mission in an unrelated game. Therefore: woohoo, new Splinter Cell incoming!

Yeah they are pushing Ironside again. So happy!

I love MIchael Ironside, but I have to admit he sounds really old in this Ghost Recon appearance. He’s 68.

He’s always sounded old, it’s part of his charm. And I’ll give Ubisoft some credit, they’re keeping Sam’s appearance fairly age-appropriate. I believe his listed birthdate is 1957?

Yup. Ironside’s growley old man voice is perfect for the age Fisher is supposed to be. He’s supposed to be world-weary and in his 60’s. Granted, he’s a badass senior that can snap your neck in the dark and duck-crawl endlessly, but he’s not a young guy.

Ironside in one of his first ever movies, Scanners. He was born an old gravelly man.

I love Scanners and I’ve never even seen it. I remember as a kid I would thumb through copies of Fangoria at the grocery store, you know sort of a casting call for my next nightmare. They always had some feature about gross special effects and it was always something about The Thing, or Wolfen, or invariably Scanners. It’s played a big role in my moviegoing life for a movie I never actually watched.