Ghost Tells Man to Make Videogame

The Mysterious Case of Disasteroids 3D



I don’t trust anyone who claims they can program in C++ but can’t manicure a simple goatee


I just can’t trust anyone who wasn’t told by God himself to make a game.

“Make a sequel to ET, my son.”

It’s too bad he got his advice from a ghost rather than a time-traveller from the future. Of course a ghost wants a remake of Asteroids, she’s never even played RE4. What we need is someone from the future to tell him how to make a game that’s popular 10 years from now.

An archangel once appeared to me in the Ladies’ Room at a Pizzeria Uno - flaming sword and all - and demanded I do a 3D remake of Miner 2049er. Well, I told him he was barking up the wrong tree, as I was an atheist who hadn’t gotten much beyond “HELLO WORLD” in Basic. He then vanished in an impressive toasty whoosh of ethereal flame, which was useful as I’d just washed my hands and the paper towel dispenser was empty.

Nice that he gave you the toasty ethereal flame rather than soulfire or whatever it is that Ghost Rider uses.

Now that, is funny