Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - After Afterlife

I mean, you could just not watch either of them.

That is the more likely option, yes. I was eyeing Pyperkub’s post above that ranked the two movies above Ghostbusters 2 though, and I really love Ghostbusters 2, so I was thinking maybe they were both worth it.

Just know that I didn’t like GB 2 much at all. It had some moments, but overall I didn’t care for it (I really couldn’t stand the villains, and some of the OGB’s were a bit too silly/contrived - making me want to just ff through them). I liked the characters and setup in afterlife a lot more (it’s not perfect, but I found it very fun). Frozen empire is decent if you like the reboot characters, with some original GB tones - it misses on a few things, but if you like the afterlife characters (especially the kid girl, who’s fun in both movies as the general lead), it’s reasonably entertaining.