Ghosts of Tsushima - Mongols Sucker Punch Japan

The biggest announcement from today’s Sony press conference at Paris Games Week had to be the long gestating new title from Sucker Punch revealed to be Ghosts of Tsushima.

Set in 1274 on the Japanese island of Tsushima the title is reportedly an open world action game about the Mongol invasion. Based on the trailer I think it’s fair to speculate that you play as a former samurai who has lost everything and sets aside the Bushido code to become a ninja on a mission of revenge.

I was a big fan of Sucker Punch’s last game, InFamous: Second Son and what they’re making here looks truly fantastic.

I’ll keep a cautious eye on this one. This could be really great with interesting combat mechanics. It may end up being typical stealth action fare though. I’m tired of open world games, and I can just picture you going around to different camps and towns to take out the guards in whatever manner you see fit.

One very interesting thing they mentioned in an interview is there won’t be any objective markers. That almost seems too good to be true, but if they pull it off, then they might be able to escape from the typical open world systems.

So it’s shadow of mordor with mongols instead of orks? “morks”?

Is that the Countdown guy speaking?

I was hoping this was about the Russo-Japanese war.

I was thinking that too. This looks cool, though. But I think I’d rather play the Mongol.

This game looks pretty promising!

Hope it gets released soon…

The very first item “It’s an open world game” is blowing my mind. That can’t really be true, can it? Maybe they mean open world as in some people called Crysis open-world, even though it’s just very broad corridors?

Edit: On the other hand, Witcher 3 showed the way, and maybe this is another that’s following its example.

Infamous: Second Son was a real open world and it looked amazing, too.

I don’t get your surprise. The annoucement from last year made it pretty clear it was yet another one of those.

Another E3 has passed and Rock8man, you’re still an odd duck.

It’s just a surprise based on the E3 trailer. I don’t know, open-world games usually don’t have that kind of camera-work in the cutscenes, that kind of lighting setup and details, usually linear hand-crafted games do. Witcher 3 is the exception, of course. Though I guess you’re right @Brad_Grenz, Second Son was part of the way there. This is another step in that direction. Second Son’s cutscenes were definitely very plain-looking in comparison though.

Ah, I see. It’s true that precursor Shenmue 2 had that sort of camera work ambition, but then, it was more akin to the “very broad corridors” you described, than an open open world.

The really interesting thing to me is how the camera behaves like a fighting game during the one on one duels. Very cool system, there.

I love these trailer’s emphasis on the wind and the leaves and the grass and the flowers. It gives the game a very different feel than most games. It’s like the game Flower, except with ninjas in it.

Unfortunately it is a PS4 exclusive so it excludes most people, hence I don’t care.

I’m sure at some point it will come to other platforms. Perhaps on PC through PS Now.

Man, Cleve would not like this game with all its Mongoloids!