Ghosts of Tsushima - Mongols Sucker Punch Japan

Yes, although that does not change the fact that you have to fight them like they’re whatever they appear to be.

Correct. They do kind of force you to switch stances on the fly, depending on what weapon they just pulled out. I also have an unreasonable dislike for the polearm-wielders with the extra unblockable attacks.

Iki enemies tend to be a bit harder than the main island ones. Plowing them under with the horse, though, is sublime.

That part is great, admittedly.

Just figuring out who the stupid Shaman is during skirmishes is a pain. I’ve cheated by going into photo mode and looking around at my leisure to spot the dude with horns on his helmet, and making a beeline for him. Also throwing kunai and smoke bombs, so many of those.

BTW “black powder bombs” found in the world become sticky bombs once they’ve been upgraded via the skills menu, right?

No, they’re two distinctive sub-weapons, with separate ammo pools. Black powder bombs are manually aimed, like wind chimes or firecrackers, and are more of a “to whom it may concern” weapon.

Sticky bombs are thrown like kunai, i.e. at a specific guy, belonging in the “fuck YOU in particular!” sub-weapon group. They do inflict collateral damage on the guys close to the exploding one, though.

Both need upgrades to really shine.


Anyone know how this game compares?

Very different games. This one is more about the story and “feel”, though the combat is pretty fun. Sekiro is a different take on souls games and much more focused on a specific kind of gameplay.

Both are great games, but they’re not really similar otherwise.

So where do I go to throw black powder bombs in my inventory? If I figure out how the wind chimes are thrown, I’ll see them there? I’m trying to remember the buttons/triggers to mess with on the controller.

Black powder bombs are aimed with the same controls that you fire your bow; you choose them like you choose regular arrows or alternative arrows.

Sticky bombs use the quickfire controls like kunai.

Should be Left Trigger (L2) + D-Pad left to select the throwables, then pick the black powder bombs from there. Afterwards, Left Trigger to aim and Right Trigger to throw.

I admit I don’t have it installed right now, so I might be wrong here.

That sounds right. I forgot that there was a secondary menu there under the left trigger. I just started playing this again since I bought the expansion (on the PS4 Pro).

I do want to buy the PC version when it drops to half-price or something.