The ship has holes in it… plot holes you can drive a tugboat through. When the best and most gruesome scene is right at the beginning… it’s all downhill! Francesca looked very nice though. 8)

I’m guessing you mean Ghost Ship (2002), in which case:
I wouldn’t mind a piece of that hot Karl Urban man-meat.

Right, I’ll stop now.

Heh. Just saw it now. Missed the beginning though so I guess I missed the best part. I enjoyed the whole flashback to when all the ship passengers were mercilessly slaughtered.

Funniest horror Evar!
Me and a mate were just yelling at the girl at the start ‘Show us ya tits’ … then every one died and the dream vanished. ( sort of ).

Not as funny Sniper2 when we asked for someone to press TAB so we could see the scores ( the movie sucked). It was like watching a real life matchof CS.

oh. .and this was at home - I’d never be that annoying in a cinema.

After the opening scene was done, I thought, “So, the screenwriters just watched the opening of Cube.”

Ok, so I just watched this on HBO.

So blonde guy shoots undead guy in the chest, but undead guy isn’t dead and… what the hell happens to blonde guy? THEY NEVER SAY!

Your Search Fu is weak.

I liked the movie but it was basically a rip-off of Event Horizon.

Your Search Fu is weak.[/quote]

Yo, it was just on HBO… and last April is so… antediluvian.

I’m going to go out on a wild limb and say…

He died.

Was just forced to watch this today (beware the dark side of the TiVo). Guh.

Someone please stop Steve Beck before he directs again.

After the opening scene was done, I thought, “So, the screenwriters just watched the opening of Cube.”

I believe Bruckheimer said the inspiration for the scene was the director’s last movie, 13 Ghosts, where a guy is bisected by a pane of glass. He wanted to do that time 100.

Besides, the ‘diced flesh’ trick predates Cube. I recall first seeing it in Saturn 3. Harvey Keitel kills some guy by blasting him out of an airlock covered by a laser gate. The lasers slice the guy into chunks of steak.


Hmm, predating that, one of the Omen movies, maybe the 3rd, had a pane of glass decapitating a priest…

Good call, but that’s not quite the same as the ‘diced flesh’ trick. Also, it’s in the first Omen. The decapitee isn’t a priest, but David Warner as the photographer. The priest was impaled earlier in the movie.

There’s an interesting variation on the decapitation-by-pane-of-glass in the second Final Destination movie. There’s a pane of glass being lifted by a crane and you know it’s going to kill this kid. But when it falls on him, instead of slicing through him, it falls flat on him, in a horizontal plane. He gets crushed instead of sliced. Whoda thunk?


You’re both sort of right.

In the first Omen movie, the pane of glass beheaded a photojournalist played by David Warner. The priest (Patrick Troughton, who was also the second Doctor Who) was killed by the falling steeple of a church. In the second Omen movie, though, a doctor with evidence of Damien’s jackal blood type was cut in half in an elevator. They did the scene in slow-mo, flipping the guy’s body up so you briefly see some guts. There was a bit of a trick there too, in that the elevator cable snaps and the car plummets, making you think the guy’s going to die that way. But he’s okay. What kills him is the cable, which snaps to the top of the building and then comes racing back down to guillotine the guy.

Saw that when I was a kid and it freaked me out for weeks. So did the Warner decapitation scene, actually. I think about it every time I park on a hill and always make sure to put on the emergency brake.

Clearly ya’ll have invested more time in feeelm history than me! And that’s ok. So when was the first body cut in half on screen? A Hammer film in the 60’s? One of the Italian horror flicks? Un Chien Andalou? No that was an eyeball getting sliced… :wink:

You’re both sort of right.

Uhh, you just reiterated what I’d written when I was correcting MS. So I guess you’re “sort of right” as well.

I haven’t seen the Omen movies since I was a kid. It’s a testament to how freaky they were to me that I remember as much as I do. I can’t imagine they hold up, although the elevator scene sounds pretty cool.

Final Destination 2 did a cool elevator death that actually happened after the movie had been shot. A man got his head caught in the doors of an elevator when it started going up. He was decapitated and the passengers were stuck in the elevator with his head! Ghoulish stuff.

The opening of Resident Evil had a cool elevator scene where the passengers hear a nearby car plummeting past them.


OOH! Resident Evil has the laser criss cross body slicing scene!

This entire thread is why I don’t watch horror movies.

It doesn’t mean us horror fans want to see real blood and guts. I saw enough of that in the service.