Giant banner ads atop Youtube I’ve never seen before

I watch most of my you outbid on tv and when I went to watch tonight there is a massive banner ad taking up 1/3 of the seen from Republicans? trying to (I think) implicate Biden (I didn’t click it as I do t want to be firebombed by GOP messaging). I have never seen this kind of ad setup before and you almost have to click it to get out.

Anyone else seen this an ad blitz about this? If so which side?

Hmm. They redesigned the homepage a while ago with the banner ad, but I’ve only ever seen internal ads there. Maybe UK advertisers are too cheap to pay whatever Google are asking.

Mine is for the NBA, but I steadfastly report annoying ads, which I see a shitload of because right-wing groups are fine with streams Youtube deems need to be demonetized or whatever.

It’s an issue with stuff like HEMA. They’re talking about what swords do to human beings, obviously this is questionable material, so don’t run Walmart ads for those guys. And you end up with a slew of NRA and PragerU and other shit.

I’ve thinned them out, but they still slip through from time to time. I assume because I watch videos about WW2 and firearms, therefor I love the NRA.

Youtube does need a way to report ads as “offensive” because many of them fucking are.

Well every time I come out of a video it’s that stupid thing. I clicked it and it of course is from trump and it is all lies. It’s scary how bad the gas lighting is in this. In fact, it shouldn’t be allowed by Google it’s so full of untruths.

It actually kind of scared me, just how they’re going to continue trying to brainwash the masses and do whatever they want regardless of how corrupt and wrong their actions.

You’ve only yourself to blame there.

I downvoted and left snark below a Spiked video linked on reddit and got my first ever shitty recommend (I use youtube for music, and the algo is nicely tuned to give me good playlists and recommends) but removing it from recommends was easy, I had the option to ensure nothing else appeared due to me clicking on the Spiked video. Youtube is now back to being wholesome, relevant and awesome. Not tried watching streaming politics mind you, but i do tend to find these things actually end up being Working As Intended. Dive in a sewer and you will get covered in shit.

Most of my content is science based (Physics Girl, Brain Scoop, etc), some sketches (Loading Ready Run, Corridor), video essays (Lindsey Elis, Steve Schives), board games, and metal music. The political things I watch are explicitly anti Trump, like John Oliver or Steven Colbert.

I have never seen a democrat oriented ad. I see ones for the Ben Shapiros and Prager’s of the world near daily. Watch a video with a liberal analysis or perspective on some pop culture event? Invariably you will see recommended below right wing counters. Especially if it is a feminist type analysis.

Watch a video about Captain Marvel, the recommended are a sewer.

But it doesn’t flow the other way. The algorithm is the problem.

Whereas I get a Tom Steyer ad before every fucking video I watch. It’s better than right leaning add but fuck me am I tired of them.

or the amount of money being spent.

The money is not inherent in the recommended videos. Watch a review of Captain Marvel should not equate to every shitheel alt right channel populating the reccomended videos below it.

Now there is a connection, namely that the Bannon’s, Mercers of the world are spending money to induce this kind of content to be created. They do fund a lot of it. But just because it exists does not mean Youtube should link it and it become a predominant visibility item. That is the algorithm being exploited, either through ambivalence or malice by Google, to promulgate these streams.

Like I said, it appears to be entirely one way. Left leaning content does exist. It does not get as aggressively promoted. Seriously, watching a John Oliver clip and for the next day or two if I scroll youtube I can 100% ensure Ben Shapiro’s smug and punchable mug shows up. Now, yes, a lot of that is advertising dollars. But is it really that right wing groups are so much better organized and funded on this?

And the recommendations are equally skewed. If I see a politically slanted video under a video I watched, 9 times out of 10 it is either a channel I subscribe to, or it is a right wing network.

Maybe youtube favours the right because its execs and founders are all alt right white males. We wouldn’t be the first people to call out links between Dorsey and the alt right for example.

There are many businesses that turn down unethical and immoral business. The socmedia and tech industry seems to be staffed with younger generations who profess to be progressive (to the point they base their socmedia profiles around social justice) but leave all their values at the door when they go to work.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll hire out my premises so you can kill kittens on an industrial scale. Do you want to buy a knife from me?. How about some buckets and a sluice? What ever you need to kill kittens just let me know, business is business”

That’s Twitter. And, yes, that seems to be a feature for Jack, not a bug. Who is a terrible human being.