Giant Monster Games

My little boys love Godzilla movies. This came about I think after my big Godzilla “Totally An Art Statue and Not a Toy” toy came in the mail and I put it on my bookshelf. So now they want to play Godzilla with blocks and toy people and everthing else.

And yet, I can’t find a Giant Monster Game! Wherefor out thou? Is this a genre deader than the flight sim?

My boys are on the couch right now with game controllers pretending to fight each other during the battle scenes. Help me game industry! Take my money!

It think this is the latest game, and the real deal, but it reviewed very poorly:


EDIT: and one last thing…

They made a Disaster Report survival game where you survive kaiju attacks, but the game never left Japan. Whyyyyyy?

Whatever happened with the monster game Sparky and her hubby were working on?

I recall that someone had developed a game like this in Dreams on the PS4?

I was going to apologize because my best recommendation is on the PS2. But you can play War of the Monsters on the PS4! I’m sure it looks pretty dated by now. But I remember thinking the gameplay was quite good, and I’d be surprised if your kids can’t enjoy the mayhem of a monster fighting game.

There’s Robot Alchemic Drive for PS2, and in a similar category is Override: Mech City Brawl.

My suggestions are out of date. 😭

Godzilla: Save the Earth (Classic Xbox) Brawler/Fighting game.

Kaiju-A-GoGo (PC) (stomping and grinding)

Pretty sure that’s Lincoln at this point.

To me War of The Monsters is the apex of the genre… Great gameplay, using ships and trailers and radio antennas as bats, a huge variety of monsters, fully destructible buildings, giant buildins that could crush you, they just thought of everything. Between the Godzilla game and that, a PS4 might be the answer.

But keep the suggestions coming!

Yeah the Dreams level is really good, it’s a bit short though but worth a few replays.

Older but the Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters games were good, I used to play them with my brother.

load up an emulator and grab King of the Monsters, or grab it for 2.39 on GoG

I never heard if it officially got cancelled, but the last update on the website was 12 years ago:

Sparky’s faux movie posters were fantastic. I’d buy some, along with her faux game posters for Computer Games Magazines.

This one sadly goes into the pantheon of games longed for but never completed.

Besides War of the monsters already mentioned, mail order monsters for the c64?

Although it’s not themed after Kaijus, Katamaridamacy rolls the same destructive vibe.

And I confess to still enjoying Rampage occasionally

Any day, now.

Crush crumble and chomp, yo

When are we going to get a remake of Mail Order Monsters?

There are quite a few VR kaiju games, though I haven’t played them. The big early one was Giant Cop, and King Kaiju seems to be the other main one.

Good lord, has it been that long? Damn, I’m old.

If a neanderthal can surprise us, Sparky certainly can! Keep the flame alive!

Or, new business model! Buy this jpg of a monster and someday you can play it in the game!