Giant robot elephant in London

I try not to post links, but this was just awesome:

Awesome - up until the giant creepy wooden girl.

This thread should be titled, “Giant robot elephant terrorizes London!”

There should be pictures of mauled and trampled crowds.

I saw it this weekend. It looks impressive enough in the pictures, but once you see it move, it’s just amazing. The articulation and puppetry was startlingly convincing. (For a 40-ft high wooden time-travelling elephant, yeah, yeah, I know.)

What event was that? Is it really walking, or rolling, with animating legs to give the effect of walking?

Oh, fundamentally, it was on wheels, of course [1]. But only little and well-hidden ones. With the crowds, you couldn’t see the wheels, so the illusion worked startlingly well.

[1] The thing fundamentally being a heavily modified JCB - pneumatic pumps and everything.

Youtube was down last night, but here’s a short video I took as it came past.

Hell, yes! I’d trade in BMW for one of those. I wonder how many miles it gets to the gallon?

Did it take a giant crap on some people?