Giants : citizen kabuto

After reading rave reviews I finally picked this bargain up for £5 ($8) from GAMEs budget section.
What a fantastic game, a true-genre busting title with a great sense of humour and gameplay.
If you see it, buy it. Its well worth the crazy price they are charging for it.

What genres did it bust?

Another fun game that was overlooked by most I think. Its also a game that can still look really good today, since you can crank everything to the max while getting smooth framerates.

How could you not like a game that has space aliens with British accents. :D

…and a topless heroine. :D

Bought it not long ago but never got it to run properly. I had serious frame rate problems, which I thought odd since my system exceeds the recommended specs by far.

Any thoughts on that?

It was 3rd person and had an RTS portion to some of the missions, didn’t it? Also you could be the giant monster. That was fun stuff right there. I do remember thinking the writing was hilarious.

I had a weird CTD error whenever I ran it under XP. Runs great on the same hardware under 98se… Never tried running it in compatibility mode under XP, though – having a dual boot system I never went that step.


A good game up until the much-ballyhoed Kabuto missions, during which the title took a rushed-to-completion-so-it-could-be-published-in-time-for-Christmas-sales nosedive.

If you had asked me two days ago, I would have given you my copy. I Just got rid of a ton of old games. I had a hard time giving it up. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh hard. The game play is ok. the graphics are very nice. The music is good and the humor is top notch.

Try multiplayer, it can be a ton of fun with the right lan crew.

Has anyone tried the PS2 version? Does it compare favorably or is the normal suck-ass port?

I’ve played both the PC and PS2 versions quite a bit. As you’d probably expect, the PS2 version is noticeably stripped down from the PC version. The content of the game is the same, but with a sluggish frame rate, lower resolution, and longer loading times. So the game is definitely better on the PC, and most current PCs could probably get it running pretty nicely.

Planet Moon’s next game, Armed & Dangerous, looks like it builds on the best aspects of Giants. Looked good at E3.

I saw the video, and while it was funny and seemed to have good gameplay, the graphics looked like they were from yesteryear.

Didn’t the PS2 version let you save anywhere, unlike the PC version? I had the PC version and ended up quiting after about 5 levels. Too bad…it was a pretty fun game.

Oh, that’s irony.

Sacrifice is good too.

I got both in a bundle from some piece of hardware or other. Maybe I should install them and fire em up…if SWG wasn’t eating up my playtime.

It’s ironic that Giants’ biggest draw, the ability to play as a gargantuan monster, was the weakest part of the game. The Kabuto levels were just plain boring after a while, and the Spawn were pretty much worthless.

It’s true that the Kabuto part was no fun at all, repetitive and boring…

As for Armed and Dangerous, it looks like the same game (even the enemies are similar) with only a different design…