Gift advice: Any soccer moms/dads/players/fans?

My young niece is way into soccer. If I were to buy her something soccer-related for the holidays, anyone have a suggestion? I got her brother an iCoaster, so I need to get her something equally awesome, but I don’t know sports at all. Is there, like, a super expensive ball or something?

Buy her a Goal net thing, unless she already has that.

Otherwise, buy her tickets to a game?

What are you looking to spend?

Send her to school in Europe.

About $100 as a base point, but it’s how much she likes it that counts.

Goal net thing is a good idea.

If she’s a fan of international soccer, find out what team she likes and get her a jersey. You could probably get her a jersey and a decent ball for $100.

[Edit]: Another suggestion is a good pair of cleats, but you’d probably have to work with the parents on that one (or you could take her out shopping for them). You could also ask either them or her if she wants or needs anything.

A real jersey might actually cost you more than $100, but if she is that into it, I would also suggest a jersey, but only if she knows it well enough. If she just likes the sport, go with the goal net.

Erik J.