Gilette Fusion

I believe I’ve said it here before, but I am the ultimate sucker every time Gilette comes out with a new razor. Well maybe not exactly a sucker because each time I try the new one I wind up satisfied that it’s the best shave I’ve ever had, particularly after my earlier dalliances with Schick razors that cut my face to ribbons. Anyway, I didn’t think it was going to get much better than the M3 Power. But it has.

The five-blade Fusion really is a thing of beauty. I went all-out for the vibrating battery-powered version and it’s a stunning experience in, um, face-shaving. Oh, and the little single blade on the back is a stroke (sorry) of genius, perfect for getting the little bits under your nose and other tricky places.

Just wondering if others have tried it and been similarly impressed.

Oh, and since it seems to have become trendy recently to respond to virtually any endorsement of anything with cries of “shill!”, I will say this. I just bought eight new replacement blades and nearly passed out when the girl at the checkout rang up a $30 price tag. High-tech blades have always been a rip-off in my view, but Gilette is really pushing it now. If it wasn’t such a good product I would have balked at the price, and very nearly did.

Whatever, shill.

Its not that great IMHO. I have found that I cut my self more with it.

Also Costco had a pretty good deal on this when I was there last. It was like 17 bucks for the razor + 4 blades. All in all its not an OMFG improvement and really I dont think its much better then the others.

I’ve been using a cordless Panasonic face mower for a few years now and I’m almost ready to give up and go back to razors. I don’t really give a crap what the shave feels is because I only do it once a week. What bothers me is that I have never found a very effective system to deal with the long hairs. Previous blade systems seemed to take a long time and get clogged a lot, but the Panasonic’s long hair trimmer is starting to drive me crazy. If I go even a little too fast the whole trimmer just sort of siezes up and stops cutting.


Years ago I saw a coffee-table book that was basically big photographs of everyday objects at extremely high microscopic magnifications.

They had a side-by-side of comparison of two photos of human facials hairs, magnified so high they looked like massive tree trunks. One photo showed hairs that had been cut by a straight razor; the cut was clean and smooth. The other showed hairs that had been cut by an electric razor; the ends of the hairs were all torn and mangled.

For some reason I’ve always remembered that and have never been able to use an electric razor since.

You care what your stubble looks like at 10,000X magnification?

I have tried the electric jobs but they always fuck my face up.

I guess there’s no practical reason to care, but it just kinda bothered me in a strange Howard Hughes type way. Kinda the same as when you drop a massive shit in the pan and you turn around to check it out, the thought strikes you that that big brown monster has spent the last few hours sitting INSIDE YOUR BODY and it kinda freaks you out.

What? Just me?

This is two shit posts in two threads, Mr. Whitta. Have an experience today?

Funny enough … I have the same Gillette Sensor I got ~22 years ago … I got a couple of Mach 3’s, but never did much with the blades because they were so expensive.

I’ve not even looked at this one yet.


Do Fusion blades fit the Mach 3 handle?

Or vice-versa? I use the old Mach3 blades in my M3PowerVibe thing, and they’re cheaper too (oh noes! only one lubricating strip!)

I don’t know. M3 Power was basically a vibratey extension of the Mach 3 family, but this is a whole new gen, so they probably fucked you. In any case it’s the blades that cost the real money, not the handle.

Actually it’s not just you. Stephen King wrote an entire book based on that concept.

Really? Which book?


Unfortunately, I think of that scene is just the worst time, then I have to go all calm again, or nothing’s going to happen. Don’t remind me of it, you bastard.

I’m kind of intrigued now. What happens?

Now I may be out of the loop after using the same type of razor for nigh on ten years, but why would you want a razor that vibrates? Toothbrush, sure. Slicing implement, huh?

BTW, if you want to see the most obnoxious website ever designed to promote a razor blade, look no further: