Gilette Fusion

I’m kind of curious as to why you need a razor to vibrate myself. What is the difference?

Who is vibrating who?

Sort of like an electric knife vs a normal one.

What kind of a geek are you?

On your face?

The main reason I like my mach3 is that when you shave you get hairs between the blades. When you put the mach3’s vibrating blades under the sinks running water, the hairs seem to jump out of it. It may be just me, but because the blades don’t get as clogged they seem to last longer than a regular razor.
I think that ‘electrical impulses raise the hairs’ thing is gobbily gook, it’s the fact that the blades are lessed clogged when you shave that makes the difference. Cleaner blades, cleaner shave.

M3 blades don’t fit the Fusion. I’m on the fence between the Fusion and M3 Power.

Back when I got the Power, I didn’t think it could beat the Standard Mach 3, but it did. The Fusion, I’m not so sure. I may prefer 3 blades to 5, the shave seems a tad harsher. Harder to clean as well.

Five blades?? Oh My God,life imitates art.

There was a bit in Mad magazine 25 or so years ago when the Trac Two first came out, spoofing a razor with 5 or 6 blades…:)

I’m an electric guy myself, so if this is old news, forgive me!

So the Fusion can behead a bantha and carve a turkey in record time? That’s why I’d want to use it on my face!

It’s as if someone managed to take an old SegaCD interactive movie game and turn it into a website.

A noble endeavor, indeed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the holosphere to download some fun with razors.

Ha, I had to add Buck Rogers to that wiki page. The books and the games both used weapons called Mono-Molecular Knives/Swords which, while having a blade sharpened to the thickness of a single molecule, also vibrated at ultrasonic frequencies. They could cut through anything.

Gary - I can’t seem to get the back-end single blade to work. One thing is for sure. I cannot shave my lip with the Fusion. I’ve cut myself several times trying to. Though I like how comfortable the handle is (I’m using the power version) - it feels like the blades are stikcing out straighter now - so it feels like it’s scraping more than the M-3 power. So I have a super old razor I use to get the area under my nose.

Oh, Gary is technical support for Gilette now? Then here’s my feedback: One thing is for sure. I cannot shave my asshairs with the Fusion. So I have a super old razor I use to get the area around my sphincter. It makes chogglepants easier to clean up.

Roger Wong: coder by day, pornstar by night.

Hey, that’s something I wasn’t expecting to read

Something I really didn’t need to know.

You read a thread where Gary expresses dismay over the Razor-and-blades business model pioneered by King Camp Gilette. He then admits that he has deep seated obsessive compulsive urges related to his feces.

And something Roger Wong said spun you out? Someone needs to let the dirty out.

hehe - I would have put a smiley thingie if this forum had it (for the above post)

We do have smileys: :)