Gilmore Girls

I dunno if this is supposed to be a girly show or what, but I’ve been watching it for the past year and I don’t think I’ve seen anything better on TV for a long long time.

For one thing, I am completely in love with Lauren Graham.

I really really like the interplay between Lorelai and Rory. Those two have fun having fun. And, recently, between Lorelai and her mother. These are really interesting and well-realized characters.

My mom and my sister love this show. I tried watching it once and it just seemed like they kept making these forced music references, as if someone on the writing staff really wanted to show off their music knowledge.

But Lauren Graham is awesome. Loved her on Newsradio.

You guys really need to see Season 1. It comes out on DVD in May. Seriously, I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning, and I’m unhappy with the last few seasons. But Season 1 will knock you flat. It’s one of the most amazing pieces of television I’ve ever seen.

The geeks at AICN gush endlessly about how amazing Season 1 was. And so does everyone else who has seen it.

Yeah my gf got me into this during the first season. Next to Scrubs and Smallville, it is about the only tv show that I try to make time to watch. I really enjoy the dialogue between the characters.

Oh yeah, Gilmore Girls rock. And you all know how high my standards are.

Does Gilmore Girls top Xena then, in your opinion? :wink:

Mad TV did a spot-on parody called “Gabmore Girls.”

Ha! Nothing tops Xena. Except possibly Utena. But those two are like the essence of all that is good and glorious in the Universe. They operate on a whole 'nother plane of excellence, so a comparison between Gilmore Girls and those would be like comparing a saint to the Glory of God, which would do the saint a grave injustice.

Does the “essence of all that is good and glorious in the Universe” mean lesbians? Just asking…

Let’s just say that in my version of heaven, there’s a sign saying “You Don’t Have To Be Lesbian To End Up Here, But It Helps!!!”

Gilmore girls is one of the best shows on TV. If you like buffy for the writing, you’ll love gilmore girls.

Writing aside, they could have a spinoff where lorelai, rory, and paris try on swimsuits for an hour. I would watch.

Speaking of excellent writing, be sure to watch Wonderfalls before it gets cancelled. It premieres this friday. I watched the pilot and was really impressed… an excellent quirky show, chock full of cynicism and dry wit. The best new show this season, if the rest of the episodes come close to the pilot.

Actually, one of the writers of Buffy defected to Gilmore when Buffy ended. Janet Epstein, I think. She’s been turning in great work since.

Other favorable comparisons, especially during season 1, was when Aaron Sorkin kept getting asked if he was secretly writing Gilmore Girls. The dialogue was that good.

Jane Espenson.

It’s so sad that I know that.

The show really is pretty great. A couple of us at work would always spend a good hour on Wednesdays talking about how hot mom looked the previous night. We would get some strange looks at times, but as soon as we said ‘Gilmore Girls’ they understood.

Oh yes, they understood.

Dudes, before I start raving about the DVD’s, I’m going to make a last ditch appeal to ya’ll to buy or rent Season One. I know it looks like a girly kind of show, but it’s not. Season One of Gilmore Girls is the best family drama I’ve ever seen. You may have caught latter seasons on the tele, but they pale in comparison to the magic of Season One. And how can you not like staring at Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel for 21 hours??? Just rent the first couple of discs and give it a try. Every person I’ve introduced the show to has become hooked. And love him or hate him, but there’s a reason why Hercules at AICN, as well as tons of other male TV geeks, love this show.

Okay, the DVD’s been out for a couple weeks. Finally got to start watching mine once E3 was done.

Even though I was an early fanatic of the show, and have the entire first season on crappy VHS tapes, it’s still great to see everything in crisp digital DVD. It’s just shocking how friggin’ perfect the first season was.

I read somewhere that Amy Sherman-Palladino (the creator) figured that since the WB was putting them up against Friends, they wouldn’t last the season, so she threw everything and the kitchen sink into a perfect season-long story arc.

Everything works in this show. I read a great review (I think on The Onion’s AV club) that this is the only show on network TV that your grandmother and Quentin Tarintino would both love to watch. The dialgoue is brilliant and witty, without feeling like they’re throwing everything they can at the screen in the hopes that something will stick (like they do in latter seasons).

The show is also grounded in this reality that’s sorely missing in latter seasons. I read that the producers made a conscious decision to move more towards comedy than drama in the hopes of getting nominated in the comedy category for an Emmy. But I think it’s a mistake. A lot of the characters work better before they became loony caricatures. And it’s a friggin’ crime that this show didn’t get nominated for a drama Emmy in its first season.

I’m watching it now and I love the themes that tie the season together. Every episode fits perfectly in the grand arc, and there’s a definate place where they’re going. And it’s just scary to see Rory literally grow up before your eyes.

Wow. Probalby the best season finale in a long time.

Luke and Lorelai finally get together. Very dangerous move, but I like the fact that the producers are taking the risk. Always tricky when two main characters hook up, but these two characters have been dancing around each other for years.

Rory loses it. And I just want to punch Dean. Fucker. I don’t care if you and your wife are on the fritz. You’re still married. Then he goes looking for Rory. And Rory should have known better. And the bastard needs a haircut and a shave.

Grandpa and grandma are still unreconciled.

Next season is going to have repurcussions across the board. And hopefully they’ll get back to the less comedic tone of the last season. But the show was on fire tonight. Great dialogue, and a brilliant Kirk moment.

Maybe Rory’ll be pregnant. That seems to be en vogue on the WB these days. I’d smack Dean around to. That was really uncool. Poor Rory, it broke my heart to see her break down at the end.

I hope we see some more night terrors from Kirk. That was pretty funny.

I doubt it. For one, Rory tells Lorelai they practiced safe sex. For another, I know that ASP has been wanting to have Rory lose her virginity for a couple years now. It’s an important milestone that the character needed to reach, but pregnant is a whole other ball of wax that ASP probably doesn’t want to deal with.

Face it, Rory finished her freshman year at Yale. She’s 19. She needed to become “a woman.” But wow, what a complete mess.

Yet this is what make the show great. Season One was perfect because it dealt with flawed human beings who clearly loved one another, even if they couldn’t express it or deal with it. Emily comes off as a bitch early on, but then you start to see her side, and learn the things that Lorelai did, and you understand her background, and then it’s clear that she loves her estranged daughter still.

But wow, what an ending. Hey, I’m a straight guy, but that kissing scene between Luke and Lorelai was just one of those “Hell yeah!” moments. Then the screaming, naked Kirk running down the stairs just took the cake.

The real beauty of it was that they had their chance to do a smallville-esque clark/lana reset button on the luke/lorelai relationship and sidestepped it with common sense. Most badly written romantic comedies have conflict based upon simple misunderstandings keep the protagonists apart for 90 minutes until that kiss right at the end. That simple misunderstanding can always be resolved with simple discussion, but it never is. Except on gilmore girls, it was. That’s why it’s a well-written show.

Same deal with the rory/dean/jess triangle. You expect it to follow a formula, you even mouth the words before they say them because you’ve seen it so many times-- and you’re wrong.

I just wish the writers were working on a show about vampires or spaceships or the mob or the old west so I wouldn’t feel so embarassed telling people I watch it. It’s one of those things I feel I need to hide, like listening to Evanescence.

Hey, the lead singer’s hot!

Didn’t Jane Espensone start writing for Gilmore Girls after Buffy ended? That’s close. Gilmore Girls has a writer who use to write shows about vampires (Buffy) and spaceships (Firefly, Star Trek) and cowboys (Firefly again).