Gimme back my cursor!


the 2nd round of teleport leaping got me :/

(Take that!)

EDIT: Damn you UC! Damn you and your fast fingers!

1048, that’s good enough for bed time. I have yet to avoid that stupid pipe, and occasionally the exploding balls turn out to be vicious.

  1. Second round of teleport leaping got me too.
  1. Argh! Curse you Roger Wong!

Must. Get. Back. To. Work.

  1. Got into a Zen state of teleport and homing missile dodging there. Probably the 6th round of homing missile finally got me; stupid thing kept flying offscreen, then coming back several seconds later. Damn tricksy missiles.

Meh. Pipe over and over well below 100… it doesn’t like me.

Ok… so I’m a moron.

How do you play this game?

EDIT… Never mind… figured it out… :oops:

The pipe is tricky–you have to go hide in the far corner where the pipe doesn’t reach when it swings.

  • Alan
  1. Only got the homing missile twice, but the teleport got me. The Pipe is the toughest to avoid.

Took me a while to figure out if you move the mouse past the edge you restart your score.