Gin & (No) Juice

Ruth and I enjoy the occasional Bombay Sapphire & tonic. Well, as those playing along at home know, we just relocated to Mexico, and there is no tonic to be found in any of the supermarkets. Not even Sam’s Club.

So what would be a good alternative as a mixer (besides Tequila), not too sweet?. Ruth doesn’t drink Martinis, so that’s out.

Might they have it there under a different name? Quinine water or such? Agua quinina?

Didn’t think of asking for that. I just referred to it as agua tonica, which is what Google Translate spit up. But I didn’t see club soda either, so I think it’s a cultural thing.

You could try to make your own tonic water.

Gimlet, 2 parts gin, one part lime juice.

Seems like it might be agua quinada:

You could also try gingerale or cream soda, which in moderation can taste something like tonic.

I’ll try asking for agua quina. Thanks for the tip.

What took you to Mexico? (I haven’t been playing at home)

His awesome retirement with some other expats.

Summary: Mexican beach life, us plebs are jealous.

The negroni, which is one part gin, one part Campari, and one part sweet vermouth, best with a twist of orange peel. It is delicious, and it’s absence from my life is one of my few regrets from being a decade sober. (That and never having sampled Jeppson’s Malort.)

What Skipper said, plus the cost of living

Rent on 2000 sq. ft. 3 bed/2 1/2 bath gated house with huge yard (mid-town) - $800
Electricity - $20/month
Water - $15/month
Internet - $25/month
Dr. office visit (self-pay) - $25-$40
Auto insurance - $175/year

Groceries are about half of what they would be in the States. So is dining out, if you avoid places that cater to tourists.We went for seafood with our friends the other night to a place right across the street from their house. Dinner for the four of us came to $21 plus a tip. I rarely pay more than $12-$15 if it’s just the two of us.

Some things are more expensive, like clothes and electronics. Also gas is about $1/gal more than in the States, but it’s not like we’re commuting.

The biggest downside is the condition of the roads. With no sales, city, or state taxes and property taxes being minimal, there is very little to go into road maintenance. You always have to be wary of potholes when driving.