Ginger Baker Dead At 80

RIP, you piece of shit.

If you’ve never seen it, the excellent Beware of Mr.Baker is a must.

I just saw that thing happened. Ginger Baker was crucial to the advancement of progressive british rock and was an incredible musician who is in part responsible for the soundtrack of my youth. Rip you glorious bastard!

Hard to imagine a more important, more talented person in any field of the performing arts who people are less sorry to see go.

Was he an asshole? I have to confess I don’t know much about him. I liked a lot of those 60s bands though.

I watched the trailer but I still don’t get it. Sounds like he was just cantankerous. Usually that’s just for old guys, but I guess he was always like that… and a junkie. Bad combination.

This thread had me reading his Wikipedia article to see if he was a pedophile.

haha, that was going to be my next stop! I thought the exact same thing.

More than cantankerous. Everyone who ever knew him hated him, One story his son tells is the two of them playing a gig together, and pops starting the evening by giving the kid (15) a line of coke. After the show he took all the money and ran off, leaving the boy stranded.

No accusations of pedophilia.

There’s a quote for one’s tombstone. Wow.

That story about how he treated his kid is kind of strange. He gets his kid high and then takes off, does he? Well, I bet the kid was better off on his own, than with his dad that night. I mean, was the 15 year old expecting to get some cut of the show? I’m sure his dad’s fame and notoriety was responsible for the two of them even appearing at a show. Not a lot of 15 year olds get to appear on stage. I’m not trying to excuse the dad’s behavior which was obviously not up to par, but it’s just a weird story. It makes me wonder how did the kid feel about it? Had he ever done coke before? Was he pestering dad for coke? (story doesn’t say) When dad took off, did the kid feel abandoned or relieved?

The entire doc is up on Youtube

Recently found footage of Ginger Baker:

To be honest, the guy sounds better playing jazz than he does playing rock. I mean, I enjoy listening to Bonham playing in Led Zeppelin more than I do Baker in Cream.