Girl beaten by highschool security for dropping cake

Welcome to the prison state.

Umm, yet again, an extravagant claim against authority figures.

This one is a bit different, in that we have no video of what happened. All we have is the account of the mother and daughter, who are thinking about suing the school.

Perhaps their account is right, but, you know, it’s also possible that it isn’t right.

But hey, it’s easiest just to jump straight from a poorly documented claim to the hyperbole that we’re in a prison state.

When I was in school, one of the lunch monitors/teachers made me eat my green beans if I wanted ice cream. That was SO mean, and I threw up after eating the green beans. Fascists!!!

Fucking cake eaters.

These things need their own forum.

They just wanted to have their cake and eat it too. But now it’s dirty.

I think the point is, Phil, that nothing the girl could do to Mr Security short of brandishing a weapon could possibly merit a broken wrist arm lock.

Whatever their claim vs reality is, it shouldn’t add up to broken bones for a student.

Hmm, I can think of quite a few things that would justify an arm lock that might result in injury. Whether any of those things happened, I have no idea.

Maybe she had really, really sharp nails.

Dropping cake while black is apparently a violent crime in LA.

Or really, really brittle bones (not enough milk with that cake).

I’m so conflicted. On the one hand, Fox news. On the other hand, black girl gets beat up by white dude.

Who is lying?!

I’m inclined to believe the black girl. On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that a dude whose worst epithet was “nappy headed” snapped just because she was black. And I’ve never seen a black chick just give in when yelled at – at the least, you get one HELL of a look.

But on the third hand, this is, what, a sixteen year old girl? She’s like half that guys height (and one tenth his weight, I mean damn, get out your golf cart man!). Does anyone seriously believe that this guy couldn’t have solved the problem by saying “Young lady, go to the principal right now!”

So I’m going to (once again) blame The Man(bearpig).

You know, I’ve been thinking that as well, lately. We really need a dedicated place where we can discuss contentious issues, such as, say, politics. Or perhaps even religion, if we’re feeling bold. We could really use a forum like that here.

We need an Asshattery forum. Tasered kids, cake droppers, Britney Spears, gambling coaches, steroid-juiced athletes, Darwin award winners, and general idiots can make it their happy home, and all of us can go there to point and laugh.

Unfortunately we’ll have to make do with EE.

EE is more like P&R than anything else.

You mean, no video except for the one taken by her friend’s cell phone.

I second this idea, and would like to propose an in memoriam name: T-Rex’s Monitor.

I lol’ed

i’m not proud

Ahh, I thought it was obvious if you watched the newsclip, but I guess not.

So I will clarify my above statement as follows:

We have no video of what happened that led to her being restrained.

For that matter, the 3 seconds or so showing her being restrained don’t look out of the ordinary to me. She and her mother make a variety of claims in their interviews. Those claims may be true or not, but the cell phone clip doesn’t prove much one way or another.

And the reporter completely drowned out the girl’s description of what happened as the security guard encounter began to seriously escalate with his own “next thing she knew” summary.

I’m not saying the guy wasn’t maybe a little out of line, but I call a huge “BULLSHIT” on the story as told. There’s a LOT being left out. I’d sure like to hear the guard’s side of the story.