Girl found in NY claims no memory

Is this for real or is it a stunt?

Voting is public so we can mock the losers when the truth comes out.

It was the Men in Black

It pains me a bit to read the story and feel jaded but this sentence makes me think it could be for publicity.

Where’s the option for Social Experiment/Performance Art?

I think that would be the “hoax” option, even if it’s not malicious.

Yeah, that one sentence does push it toward the “hoax” idea, but if they’ve been dealing with her for 3 weeks now and haven’t managed to trip her up yet, I doubt its a hoax. I’d imagine a fair number of psychiatrists/psychologists/social workers have been at her by this point, and maintaining that level of fraud for that length of time would be extremely difficult I’d think.

Damn I wanted to make a Memento joke but she is the opposite of Leonard Shelby.

I’m going to go with real with a side of ‘not a juvenile, early 20’s but former mental patient with ever so slight retardation to to give her a younger look than she really is’.

sad though.

Presumably some experts are convinced, but the stuff about remembering math and not other stuff strikes me as very odd.

The possibility also exists that she is a runaway who’s been gone for more than a few years.

My best guess, based on the article, is she’s suffering from one of the dissociative disorders (either fugue or generalized amnesia), assuming that they’ve ruled out actual brain injury.

It’s unusual, but certainly possible. The disorders have fairly well defined criteria and she seems to meet them – again, based on what little information is available in the article.

This happened a while ago to a fellow alumna of mine. She disappeared from her apartment in New York and was found floating in the NY Harbor, with no memory of the three weeks she was missing.


Apparently she’s been identified. She’s from Washington State.

It annoys the crap out of me when lazy/hasty news organizations just cut and paste some new tid-bit of information into an existing article in such a way that the first paragraph or two completely contradict everything that follows. And then without fail they’ll return to the article some time later and rearrange and edit everything so it almost sorta (but not quite) makes sense before shelving it and moving on to the next story.

CNN articles aren’t a fucking blog, they should stop treating them so.

And now we know that the state of her teeth apparently predates her life on the street. I was wondering if that comment was going to come back to haunt anyone. :-)

Well there are several dissociative disorders that are, if not common, not as rare as you would think. I even know someone who suffered from transient global amnesia.

Usually for both those kinds of problems, the period of wandering or new identity assumption is covered by amnesia, and the recovered victim remembers everything except the episode itself.

I suppose the converse must happen from time to time, since it is after all such a staple of fiction…

Wow… did they check her for an implanted Swiss bank account number in her hip?

This is why I like Chris Nahr.

So now that this has been resolved, can we begin mocking the losers yet?

Just because her family have laid claim to her does this mean that there is sufficient data to resolve the validity of the various poll choices?

Unless you’ve seen a article I haven’t seen there haven’t seen any clear answers why this happened. If you have seen such an article I’m curious to find out what the big stink was about so feel free to share.