Girl's Club

Kelly sure is a fan of the sweeps stunt lesbian kiss, so you definitely have that to look forward to.

Game over.

… :cry:

(This is me being speechless)

See! There is a God! I told you guys so!

Hey, maybe no one will ever buy a show from David E. Kelly ever again. That would be super! I’m thinking Fox might’ve let him produce Girls Club just so they could cancel it and satisfy a development deal. Hell, I still can’t figure out why they keep that piece of shit Boston Public on the air. They should put it on Friday where no one will watch and put Firefly on Monday where it will have a chance.

Hmm, maybe now Chyler Leigh and Gretchen Mol are that much closer to appearing in late-night Skinemax B-movies.

See, everyone wins then!

That’s the spirit!!!

Now that the charade is over I can honestly say I watched all two episodes and that show sucked ass!

None of those characters seemed fit to be attorneys!

Gretchen would ignore advice from her lawyer mentor and get in legal trouble in both episodes. She is a lawyer for goodness sake.

The 90210 drop out was being sexually harassed by a partner and passed it off as him being friendly.

Chyler Leigh-Jenkins shot her mouth off constantly which had her in deep doo-doo. She fought with a fellow newbie and called her a dyke where the whole firm overheard it. Actually a funny scene, but still.

It’s like they all went straight from Kelly’s stereotype ridden Boston Public directly into a law firm.

I saw an interview with Gretchen Mol where she said Kelly really knew how to write for women. Obviously the women he can write always are stereotypical bitchy, naive, stubborn loud-mouths types.

It was soooo bad I figured the viewing public would eat it up and it would have a good 4 or 5 season run. Fox got this one right and how.

Kelly’s like Cameron that way, being thought of as a feminist because he writes stuff with women who kick ass. Only when Cameron does it he isn’t writing that character that way to empower women, he’s doing it because guys like hot chicks who kick ass. I’ve actually read interviews where he says that. David E. Kelly and James Cameron are pretty much the two biggest hacks in Hollywood.

Nah, that would be Paul Verhoeven and Akiva Goldman. Maybe Joel Schumacher and Rene Esterhas as well.

Oooh, I hate Verhoeven too. The guy contructs every movie around some weird sexual fantasy. Hollow Man was built around voyuerism. Starship Troopers was constructed to support a unisex shower scene. They’re all like that, it’s creepy.

But I say Cameron and Kelly because of how successful their trash is. Titanic is the highest grossing movie of all time, and Kelly to both the best drama and best comedy Emmies in the same year. They’ve both have, or had, all of Hollywood completely snowed. I might’ve put Aaron Spelling in the running, but he’s just too hands off. Kelly writes like every episode of his shows and Cameron directs and writes his movie.

In defense of Paul Verhoeven, he did make the original Robocop.

Yeah, which was all about snorting coke from a hooker’s cleavage.

[EDIT: just remembered the scene you were mentioning]

That was what, like two minutes in the entire movie?

Heh – Fox just cancelled Girls Club. Maybe they needed bigger fake boobs?

Dammit Asher. First you let the domain name lapse and then you do not follow these topics closely enough to realize that that was commented on in a prior post in this very thread.

Your slippin’!

That was what, like two minutes in the entire movie?

And yet the rest of the movie existed simply to support that scene…

Does anyone else feel like their is something integral missing from their lives tonight? Specifically to have been felt at around 8:00pm Central and Mountain time on the Fox Network following David E. Kelly’s gripping high school drama set in the mean streets of Boston, Mass.

I feel that something is not right tonight. It is a lonely pulse from deep within my soul. OTOH, that could just be gas from my wife’s casserole. Oh well, back to the AoM demo.