Girls5eva - 30 Rock meets pop comeback

A turn of the century girl group tries to make another go at it 20 years later after being sampled by a young rapper. The 30 Rock/Kimmy Schmidt energy flows freely. Starring Sara Bareilles, Busy Phillips, Paula Pell, and Renee Goldsberry.

8 episodes, all available now on Peacock.

I suspect this is horrible, but Renee Goldsberry and Sara Bareilles gets a pass on everything from me - such great, and talented artist.

Seriously though I’m in for Sara alone. Ugh. Guess I gotta sub to a month of Peacock at some point.

I just watched the first episode. It was funny…not quite 30 Rock funny, but rapid-fire enough that the misses get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

The old lesbian who’s somehow the youngest one in the group is my favorite so far. Dennis Duffy the Beeper King makes an appearance, so it’s got that going for it.

This is funnier than Rutherford Falls in terms of joke density. Plus they drop f-bombs.

Stephen Colbert is in this!

Definitely giving anything Tina Fey worked on a shot.

You can’t convince me to see Sara Bareilles as anything but a foul-mouthed multi-talented threat. There are parts of the show where we’re supposed to believe her character has doubts and moments of weakness.

Armando you are so right about everything, but especially this.

American Singer Warrior needs to be real.

Ashley’s not here! She’s a bench now, Dawn!

I watched the pilot episode last night. Good stuff, I have to admit. They found some great middle-aged actresses for this who I’ve never seen before in anything (as far as I can remember anyway).

I just discovered I get free access to Peacock Premium with my cable sub, so I will definitely check this out.

Some of those actresses are fairly well known in certain circles: Sara Bareilles (music), Renee Goldsberry (Hamilton), Busy Phillips (lots of stuff–Freaks and Geeks, Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, and others).

1st two seasons didn’t do well on Peacock.

But it got renewed on Netflix for Season 3. I bet you they can get a lot more eyeballs on it.